New creatures idea (non hybrids)

Nah I’m sure in a very old version the immunes creatures cannot be nullifyed

About immune to nullification if Ludia must be delete the passive “full immunity” tbh it’s not bad for me, personally I think this passive is may too powerful and doesn’t really make sense at all compare to the partial immunes, it’s just a better version like definite Rampage compare to DSR, maybe this passive need a change. And tbh for me it’s not because the null effect works even against the full immunes creatures it’s not possible to realese the “immune to null” I think it could be funny to have an immune passive who is not even in the immunity passive but maybe I’m the only one to thought this

And about the “On escape slow” I know that but the problem it’s if you slowed the target before he switch it’s totally useless, maybe I should put the pinning effect on this passive like No escape to makes it the slowing useful if it’s happen before the switch but again it’s a better version of No escape and I don’t really like it.

Just created a new version for “On escape slow”

On escape slow
If the opponent switch 75% chance to stun and slowed it for 2 turns

If the opponent try to switch and he’s stunned so it can’t run and after his speed is reduced by the slowing effect

Yeah but still deserves a nerf

That would only affect automatic swap moves. Stunned dinos can still manually swap.

For me it makes senses, the target try to switch but if it’s stunn before so it can’t

The stun from this on escape is different than the others I guess

New Move: Vulnerability Impact (1,5x, vulnerability applies first so it does 2,25x and leaves target vulnerable for next turn, D:0 CD: 2)

Giganotosaurus (epic)

HP: 4500
DMG: 1400
SPD: 100
Armor: 0%
Crit: 10%

Rending Attack
Vulnerability Impact
Defense Shattering Devastation (3x DFS dmg D:2 CD:2)

Euoplocephalus gen2 (epic)

HP: 3600
DMG: 1000
SPD: 110
Armor: 50%
Crit: 5%

Shielded decelerating strike
Vulnerability Impact
Instant Distraction

Giganocephalus (from JWTG) (Legendary)
Giganotosaurus (lvl15) + Euoplocephalus gen2 (lvl15)

HP: 4000
DMG: 1200
SPD: 105
Armor: 50%
Crit: 10%

Shielded Decelerating Strike
Vulnerability Impact
DSR Devastation
Instant Distraction

Gigano : not bad but I don’t know if it should have a vulnerability effect it’s something new for a chomper, and about DSR devastation it looks very OP but on Giga is almost useless, it should survive at least 3 turns to use it and its way less bulky than Turtle, I think DSR it’s a better move on him

Euplo g2 : I really like this version the vulnerability effect make sense and the stat are balanced for a tank yeah I have nothing to say

Giganocephalus : Ok I feel like this one is a bit OP, 4000 HP and 50% armor wich makes it very bulky, with a very decent DMG for a tank, so with those stats combining the vulnerability effect and the DSR devastation it’s totally way too much, with the vulnerability effect the DSR D does 5400 DAMAGE !!!
Enough to one shot Stegodeus
At least it’s not immune to Distraction and bleed and it can’t regen but I’m really scared with this one about the balancing

Sure These Can Be Added To The Game But Your Forgetting…

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Rage to Win:
Absolutely not. This is absurdly overpowered. Distracting Rampage has the same cooldown/delay.
Immune to Nullification:
NO. This makes every single immune stupidly OP.
Superiority Rampage:
Shouldn’t this INFLICT Decel instead of CLEANSING it?
Hide from danger:
Reduce immune damage? Absolutely not. Major power creep issues.
Priority Inverse:
Once again, MASSIVE power creep issues. This makes manual swapping go last.
One Escape Slow:
I like this move, but it’s not an on escape move, those happen after the swap has been declared but before it takes place.
Regen 75% if it kills opponent? POWER CREEP! Remove immunity?!? POWER CREEP!
Swap in Toxic:
On Escape Full Heal:
A good idea on a low health creature such as this, but huge power creep issues.
Swap in Deliberate Mutual Fury:
I REALLY like this move. I don’t know if it’s a good idea to pair it with a creature that already has MF though.
Precise DSR:
Good move.
Roar from Warrior:
Confusing, don’t understand which dino does what.
On Escape Velocity:
Love it!
Fury Unstoppable:
Also amazing.

We need oviraptors!!!

Abouts immune to nullification I have enough argue about this

And for Rage to win yeah is a bit OP may remove the cleansing effect and reduce the shield breaker effects on 1 turn

About Superiority Rampage yep I totally forget the decelerating effect :sweat_smile:, I’ll put it but that means this move can’t cleanse the deceleration effect if I don’t want it’d be too OP

For “Hide from Danger” on the paper it looks very strong but for me is not, even the defense Shaterring and immunes dinos are reduced by the shell that not makes it OP for me, it regen 40% for 2 turns and remember the user can’t use an another move during this 2 turns, and if it’s stunned he can’t regen and it’s 6 Cooldown turns wich is very long and don’t forget the creature with this move is not immune to bleed. I made it because it make sense on this type of creature and it don’t looks too strong and even pretty balanced, against Mammoth and Seco it’s not with this move who Doed can beat them

Priority inverse : tbh I don’t know if this move it’s great are not, again on the paper it looks good but I don’t know at the moment it’s fine for me

On escape slow : well I guess I should rename this move “deliberate on escape slow” to makes it more logic with this move wich don’t work like the others on escape

Toxic : I made it only for Scorpion wich has only 3000 HP but I forget the Centipede one wich has more 4k HP with armor so I’ll reduce the regen to 50%, and about the immunity I want this move can do something against theme but don’t be efficient as the non immunes so I made this move can remove the target’s immunity effect for 2 turns, it’s a new mechanic to remove a passive and maybe interesting at the moment I keep it

Swap in toxic : I made a mistake I forgot the “toxic” move deal damage with 1.5x damage (wich is way too much I’ll nerf it too 1x), so the swap in toxic does the same effects of toxic but don’t deal DMG, he can already distract and DoT it don’t need to deal dmg I think we are all agree

On escape full Heal : Only Meganeura has this passive like Dracorex and DC for swap in Rampage, this passive it’s totally OP but put it on a bad dino that makes not overpowered and even balanced so don’t expect to see this passive in an another creature

Precise DSR : This move was realeased on 1.7 take backs on the patchnotes for the new moves it’s where I found it, I don’t know why Ludia abandon this move it looks interesting

Roar from Warrior : Sorry if you didn’t understand I’ll repeat, with this move you can automatically swap the target (it has a priority effect wich means you go 1st) after the target switch in an another creature wich is swap prevented on the next turn, the new target and the user gains a 50% dmg buff on the next turn

Most of these moves seem fairly balanced by themselves (except Rage to Win), but I think the problem is that it introduces mechanics that ought not to be touched such as removing immunity and 100% OEH. That creates a precedent for adding to moves to any future hybrids (think Carbo and Carbotops) which means that top tier creatures get these sort of moves.
Think about this:
Monomimus and Stegodeus were the kings of 1.3/4. I dug up their stats and move sets from back then…
They wouldn’t even make it into Apex High currently. That’s how much power creep there has been since 1.3/4. Adding in super powerfully mechanics such as immune to nullification or removing immunity (ignoring the implications for full immunity/classification of nullifying moves) on any half decent hybrid, it becomes OP. Look at IG2, but give it APS instead of Cautious Strike. Suddenly, IG2 sucks, HARD. CS is so powerful it takes a mid tier legendary into High Tyrant. Now imagine a creature that would be already good without an OP mechanic, and then give it one, recipe for disaster.

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