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New Creatures (Jurassic and Aquatic) JW:TG

Brachiosaurus,Ceolyphisis,Dracorex,Tarbosaurus,Sinoceratops,Chasmosaurus,Nanotyrannus,Iguanadon,Edmontodaurus,Muttaburrasaurs,Compsogntagus,Carcharadontosaurus,Dreadnoughtus for Jurassic. Leedsicthys,Basilosaurus,Nothosaurus,Shonisaurus,Icthyosaurus,Opthalmosaurus for Aquatic.


When comes the baryonyx?

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Baryonx will come in December with the Aquatic and Glacier hybrids and also with a new rarity which is Mythic.

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How do you even know that

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Why not anarugnathus, batracongathus and Chilantaiasaurus?

I hope that is true, more dinos will just make this game more fun

Huh why didn’t

Is this legit

Yes it is legit as far as in relation to a suggestion of creatures someone would like in the game that is from a player. No it is not legit as a list of creatures that are guaranteed to be coming to the game.