New creatures on map

Seriously can we get some new creatures that spawn kn the map? Like the nauseratops and wooly rhino arctops etc? And what about the epic big dinos? I don’t rlunderstand why these all have to be event only dinos

Titanoboa and haast eagle would be nice


No, if this happens then there will be nerf posts everywhere.

Then trodon maybe. It could be an opportunity for a new hybrid too

how so?

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Well, the creatures he listed there are event exclusive. They are the ingredients for really good hybrids, (performing slightly better for its rarity) but when these creatures are dartable in the wild, it will make their hybrids much easier to unlock, which will lead to nerf posts (too good for how easy it is to unlock)

Trodon does spawn on the map


Yeah just noticed one on the map thanks for the info