New Creatures suggestion: Monolophosaurus Gen 2 and Carnotaurus Gen 2

Both creatures will have different body modifications in their final evolution. I really want to see them both in JW/TG!
Monolophosaurus Gen 2
Animation set: dilophosaurus ( Small sized theropod)
Rarity: Tournament
Coins: 489,576/12H
Evo 1: This mottled blue theropod’s genome is so resilient that it’s now more abundant than InGen’s original monolophosaurus!

Evo 2: The monolophosaurus gen 2 has a very beautiful coloration that only becomes more vibrant as it matures.

Evo 3: Both versions of monolophosaurus can be seen living in the same habitat. This proves the monolophosaurus gen 2’s ability to live in harmony with the original.

Evo 4: A fully mature monolophosaurus Gen 2 uses it’s bright coloration to attract mates and as a distraction in battle.

Carnotaurus Gen 2
Ferocity: 7,758
Animation set: Large theropod

Evo 1: The carnotaurus gen 2 has stronger muscles than it’s original counterpart!

Evo 2: The Carnotaurus gen 2 has spots on it’s back that spread and fuse together as it matures.

Evo 3: The carnotaurus gen 2 often gets into friendly fights with the original where they butt heads together. This is a sign that both of InGen’s carnotaurus are competitive creatures!

Evo 4: A fully grown carnotaurus gen 2 will have larger horns and will grow two more sets of horns on the front and back of it’s head!

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I agree, but I think LUDIA might be taking a break from the Gen 2’s and working on possibly more hybrids, again, possibly.

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I will work on the Scorpios Rex GEN 2, which will require both Monolophosaurus GEN 2 and Carnotaurus GEN 2. P.S. I hope Ludia is working on BOTH hybrids and GEN 2s.

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Smart, LUDIA could do a little switch-a-rue on us. You never know. Actually, if they’ll do it in Alive, they’ll do it in The Game.

I love how derpy they look, their so cute :heart_eyes: :star_struck:


Quick question, how do you change your profile pic?

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You go to preferences and click the pencil next to your profile pic.

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Thank you very much. I’m no good at tech.:crazy_face:


What are these for? Scorpios Rex Gen 2? Monolophotaurus? Idk, You Tell Me

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Yes they are actually. But for Scorpios Rex Gen 2.