New creatures-suggestions 1

Hello everybody,
I was lurking around this forum, reading your suggestions about changing stats, adding new hybrids, creatures or talking about creature. So, I find finnally had self confidence to post here something, suggestions about new creatures.
I am not adding stats or moves, since I am not good making these, but atleast I wanted to suggest creatures,spawnings, new ability, etc. Also I am a type of a person who likes to have atleast one creature from each rarity.
I have made suggestions for 3 groups. I will start with first group:

  1. Tyrannosaurus rig
    There are currently (2C,2R,3E,2L,2U,1A)- so prettty diverse group of chompers. As for suggestions go it will be:
    Common-Albertosaurus (global spawn night) and Daspletosaurus ( park exclusive anytime), these two with one in rares would be the quickest chompers 106/107 speed, not big damage output
    Rare-Tyrannotitan (battle exclusive and would be quick too) and Carcharodontosaurus (local 3 day/dawn/ dusk and it will have maybe one bleeding move or swap move, to be more interesting)
    Epic-Giganotosaurus ( more health, less attack, quicker than Rex) and also would be spawning through Monday since Argentino is the same day
    Legendary- Suprannotitan- hybrid from JWTG (Tyrannotitan+ Supersaurus) and could have slowing move to stand out more from other legendary chompers

  2. Ankylosaurus rig
    There are (3C,1R,2E (one is hybrid), 1L,0U,0A) so pretty not much diverse and would be nice to have diversity in this family
    Commons- Peloroplites (global spawn night) and Edmontonia (battle exclusive)
    Rare- Crichtonosaurus (event exclusive), Antarctopelta (global spawn-dawn/dusk), and Euplocephalus gen 2 (more bulkier and zone 1 all day ) because of the hybrids which could bring back from JWTG
    Epic-Sauropelta (global spawn through day) and Minmi (a shy ankylosaurid, so it would be hidden in parks, through day can be found)
    Legendary- JWTG hybrid Giganocephalus (Giganotosaurus+ Euplo gen2), resilient/fierce
    Unique- I thought about sauropelta hybrid with something who can heal to have unique healing tank
    Apex- I would imagine some Ankylosaurus boss, with high armour, but not good attack
    Sauropelta, Edmontia, Antarctopelta- new move-Spikes 2x more damage

  3. Apatosaurus rig
    Currently there are (1C,3R,2E (1hybrid). 2L,1U,0A), so similiar to anky family there is need for new longnecks
    Commons-Bonitisaura (L4 day), Brontosaurus (L3 day), Nigersaurus ( parks night)
    Rare-Camarasaurs (global spawn) and from JWTG hybri Parasaura (parasaurolohpus+ bonitasaura, healing+slowing)
    Epic- Mamenchisaurus (Saturday spawn), Shunosaurus (battle exclusive), Labyranthosaurus- JWTG hybrid (argentinosaurus+labyrosonthia, cunning+ resilient), Supersaurus-global spawn
    Legendary- Ankylodocus-JWTG hybrid (Diplodocus+ anky)
    Apex- Apatosaurus- big chunk of health, decent attack and the name could be similiar to the legend of Mokele Mbembe
    Shunosaurus/Ankylodocus/Supersaurus- have bigger attack than normal sauropods

Also there could be new family, new rig prosauropoda. They could be different than sauropods, maybe instead slowing impact the could have healing ability,bigger attack and new ability f.e healing+shield
Commons-Mussasaurus (global spawn day), Melanorosaurus (global spawn night)
Rare-Riojasaurus (L2 anytime), Massospondylus (global spawn night)
Epic- Plateosaurus (event exclusive), Unaysaurus (global spawn dawn/dusk)
Legendary- JWTG hybrid Unayrhynchus ( Unaysaurus+ Rhamphorhynchus), swap out ability bleeding
Unique- Plateosaurus hybrid mixed up with fierce hybrid
Apex- Plateosaurus- big attack, but not so much health

Thanks for reading, and sorry for my grammar.
Any ideas are welcome and I want to know if I should do for others family/rigs ideas too


paramoloch + sauropelta

Basic Stats

hp: 4800
dmg: 1500

Speed: 126

Armor: 45%

Crit: 5%


Distraction: 50%

Speed Decrease: 100%

Vulner.: 100%

Stun: 100%

Vulner. Cleanse strike
Group Taunting shields
Instant Invincibility Taunt
Stunning group heal ( 75% stun for 1 turn, heal 1x)

Ankle Biter + Plateosaurus

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we really dont need any more event exclusives
we have allo g2
a lot more
we dont need any more
no more exclusives

Hey welcome to the forums! I love the ideas, however, maybe do multiple posts to show how you would make them. Like 1 for large therapods, 1 for anky, etc. and show the stats and moves you think they should get, and let the community look and see whether it would be good for the game. Here is a tip, always create your dino with level 26 stats.

Yeah, I know but they can rotate. I just went by ludia logics to making new creatures.

I like that a lot! It is great!

@MINMI! come over to this topic

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@Cheeseeater Thanks a lot for tips! So I will remade this. I will think about the moves and later this day I will post big chompers (tyrannosaurid rig) later today!

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Ok. I will be happy to see them!

This is coming! I know it!

we wouldnt need a new one…
euplo only has one hybrid
and max is 3 or something…
plus they could just add some armor to regular euoplo to make it bulkier

Do I hear MINMI!?!?!?!

Thanks for adding my two favorite creatures (Mamenchiosaurus & Minmi) to this list :grin:

No problem, they are my favorites too and I want to see them in game. Do you have suggestions which moves should have? I was thinking something special to minmi, but I will see

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Here’s what I was thinking for minmi.

Because it was small I gave it less health but more speed. I also gave it a smaller shield to compare with its small body size. Although it can swap immediately which could be very useful.


This looks cool and good! I will maybe take some inspiration making mine

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Here’s the mamenchiasaurus:


Unayosaurus was a ornthimimid

Maybe like 1300 attack for mammenchi

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Really? I was looking at pictures and it looks like it could fit into prosauropod rig

Your probably right. This dinosaur right now is one of the worst in the game. Poor mamenchiasaurus :cry: