New Creatures Suggestions: Winter Diplodocus, Solar Ankylosaurus, and Ankylodocus GEN 2

I hope these three unique creatures get added in JW/TG. I worked really hard on them and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Winter Diplodocus
Level: 1-40
HP: 445-2,467
ATK: 73-403
Coins: 312-99,999/7H
Ferocity: 678.6-3,756.6
Rarity: Legendary
Animation Set: Sauropod

Evo 1: The Winter Diplodocus can survive even the harshest snowy conditions!

Evo 2: As a master of camouflage, the Winter Diplodocus’s scales remove all sound when blending in with the snow, keeping the sauropod safe from even the Indoraptor!

Evo 3: The Winter Diplodocus and various prehistoric elephants like the Woolly Mammoth live in harmony, sharing a giant habitat in the wild.

Evo 4: As it matures, the Winter Diplodocus’s body becomes whiter and covered in different colors. This doesn’t hinder the sauropod’s camo skills, as the markings and spines can turn snow-white at will!

Solar Ankylosaurus
Level: 1-40
HP: 97-535
ATK: 77-427
Coins: 67-21,310/30M
Ferocity: 343.4-1,901.4
Rarity: Super Rare
Animation Set: Ankylosaurid

Evo 1: This ankylosaurus is known for having an ability similar to pyrokinesis, except it is through physical movement of its tail, not the mind.

Evo 2: The Solar Ankylosaurus can absorb light into its tail to revitalize itself. This also enables the Solar Ankylosaurus to light its tail club on fire at will, the flame bringing no pain to the dinosaur.

Evo 3: Due to its unique power, the Solar Ankylosaurus can utilize its ability of fire to defend itself and its herd, using various techniques such as slamming its burning tail club onto the ground to create a fire pillar to destroy predators!

Evo 4: Because of the destructive nature of its powers, the Solar Ankylosaurus needs to undergo months to years of mental training to have full control of its flame. The leader ( or an experienced elder of the herd, if the Ankylosaurus in training is the leader) acts as a mentor to members in the herd who have yet to master their powers.

Ankylodocus GEN 2
Level: 1-40
HP: 964-5,343
ATK: 288-1,595
Coins: 1,202-384-594/6H
Ferocity: 1,885.6-10,447
Rarity: Legendary Hybrid
Animation Set: Sauropod

Evo 1: The Ankylodocus GEN 2 has a symbol of the sun on its flank, representing its inheritance of the Solar Ankylosaurus’s fire abilities.

Evo 2: The Ankylodocus GEN 2, just like the Winter Diplodocus, can have its color markings and spines change to snow-white at will. However, the intelligent Ankylodocus GEN 2 can change its color markings and spines into any color it desires during camouflage. The Ankylodocus GEN 2 also inherited special scales that completely remove sound while camouflaging, keeping it safe from all predators.

Evo 3: The Ankylodocus GEN 2 can absorb light into not only its tail, but the crest on its head as well! It uses this power when it needs energy or to defend itself and its herd.

Evo 4: When fully evolved, the Ankylodocus GEN 2 is a walking, glowing rainbow. Its tail club spikes represent the four seasons, Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. The sauropod’s fire-like crest glows brightly when the Ankylodocus GEN 2 is filled with energy as well! The radical changes do not affect the Ankylodocus GEN 2’s camo skills, as its glow turns off at will or automatically when camouflaging.

I just want to let everyone know that for now I can’t accept new requests because I have a bunch of different leftover creatures that I have yet to do such as the Beelzebufo and Aceratherium for example. I want to get all these creatures introduced before I’m ready to create a new creature. In the meantime, feel free to ask anything about the creatures I make, including their stats, rarity, animation set, etc. You can even ask me or the creatures themselves about something that wasn’t mentioned in the facts or something irrelevant that I (or the creature) will happily answer! (e.g how many members are in a Solar Ankylosaurus’s herd? you can ask that one if you want to. :wink:) You can even make your own version or fanart of the creatures I draw if you want to! That’s all y’all. Stay safe!


Thanks for making it

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@EpicThoradolosaur983 Your’re welcome! :blush:

Also i really like them

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Thank you! I think they are very unique from other creatures tbh!

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