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New creatures that could come with a gen 2

Some creatures should be added with a gen 2

Carnivores :
Coelurus (common)
Coelurus gen 2 (rare)
Abelisaurus (common)
Abelisaurus gen 2 (rare)
Metriacanthosaurus (epic)
Metriacanthosaurus gen 2 (rare)
Ceratosaurus (epic jp3 version )
Ceratosaurus gen 2 (camp cretaceous version)
Daspletosaurus (epic)
Daspletosaurus gen 2 (rare)

Herbivores :
Lambeosaurus (epic lambeosaurus lambei)
Lambeosaurus gen 2 (rare lambeosaurus magnicristatus)
Pachyrhinosaurus (epic pachyrhinosaurus lakustai)
Pachyrhinosaurus gen 2 (common pachyrhinosaurus Canadiens)
Barosaurus (epic)
Barosaurus gen 2 (rare)
Mamenchisaurus (epic lost world version)
Mamenchisaurus gen 2 (rare mamenchisaurus sinocadrum)
Camarasaurus gen 2 (rare camarasaurs supremus)
Camarasaurus (common camarasaurs lentus)

Amphibians :
Deinosuchus (epic)
Deinosuchus gen 2 (common)
Limnoscelis (common)
Limnoscelis gen 2 (rare)
Ichtyostega (epic)
Ichtyostega gen 2 (rare)

Pterosaurs :
Tapejara (common)
Tapejara gen 2 (rare)
Thallassodromeus (epic)
Thallassodromeus gen 2 (rare)

Cenozoics :
Cave bear (common)
Cave bear gen 2 (rare)
Daeodon (epic)
Daeodon gen 2 (common)
Megalania (epic)
Megalania gen 2 (rare)
Procoptodon (epic)
Procoptodon gen 2 (common)

Here are current creatures that could get a gen 2 as well

Commons :
Brachiosaurus gen 2 ( camp cretaceous version)
Pteranodon gen 2 ( jp3 version)
Edmontosaurus (jwe version)

Rares :
Sinoceratops gen 2 (camp cretaceous version)
Stegosaurus gen 2 (camp cretaceous version)
Dimorphodon gen 2

Epics :
Sarcosuchus gen 2
Kaprosuchus gen 2
Proceratosaurus gen 2
Gallimimus gen 2

Edit : i know limnoscelis and metriacanthosaurus gen 2 are leaked for ages but that doesn’t change their future appearance