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New creatures

When will the new creatures be available I haven’t seen one yet

Everything except Scolosaurus is available right now. You just have to know where to find them. This should help.


When will scolosaurus be available

Poceman mentioned in a recent video that it could be a tournament only award. Unless it is featured in an event. Similar to the Diplodocus I think.

Only new creature I’ve seen spawn in the wild is scaphognathus. I live in L1 and have seen 2 already.

Yeah and scolo isnt worth anything as far as arena is concerned… its a worse tank then nodopatotitan… arguably the worse tank in the game… could have possibly been useable in the mid game with the lack of stegosaur dna but as it seems midlevel players might get 2500 as a particpation reward for the next tourney.

I just want it to make skoolo

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I’ve seen them everywhere just driving through L1. At least 2-3 a day. I found Maia in a park off a scent.

Ooooooo. I love me some maia.

I was refering to skool as arguable the worse tank in the game…

But yeah pocemon said its coded as a tourney reward… i look at the alliance mission rewards as a guide to them using a common as a reward… ie 500 sino 5k trike gen 2. So if people under 4500 get 250 erliko… 2500 scolo seems about right.

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I know he said its tournament exclsuive, but that has to be bound to change. It takes over 11k dna just to get it to level 15 to start fusing its legendary, and their simply not going to give that much dna as a reward for tournaments

Giving it solely as a tournament exclsuive, would literally make scoolosuchus the most rare to own dino in the game


What is L1 L2 ect

Check out the link I posted above. Basically every dino is in a specific “Zone” (L1, L2, L3, L4). You can tell what zone you are in based on the dinos (usually commons) that are around you. The article explains the zones and what dinos you can find in each one.

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Maybe they’ll add it to the armor week?

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Hopefully 101010

How did you get SCAPERS already, like in a park or where?!

Its L1 anytime

It’s just an L1 spawn. First one I was running an epic scent, so I thought it drew it out, but the second one was just fluttering around near my house.

Dammit, well I guess I’ll wait to get in until the next pterosaur week