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New criteria to alpha battles

The shellfire alpha is not mentioned on the new release update.
Only the 3 other alphas are explained.

Can anyone explain it’s damage and how to properly play it?

Please and thank you.

Shellfire’s ability hasn’t been changed. Its still the same as before the only difference is that they increased the damage it deals (and also its backfire).

Now as to how it works: Shellfire when activating its ability will place 3 Balistas on the board (make 3 tiles immovable) You can remove them by making matches right next to them (or by using special tiles that would make tiles disappear next to them). You have 3 turns to get rid of these ballistas. If you are unable to do so your team will take massive damage, but if you can do it the shellfire will take backfire damage instead (and this can be quite high several 1000’s of dmg).