New Cunning Resilient Hybrid

Again, typical story, got bored in the lab, so decided to cook something new up. And I may or may not have accidentally created 3 new creatures. But hey, the more the merrier, right?

First of we have Alxasaurus!

Here are some stats.
Rarity: Rare

3600 Health
1250 Damage
130 Speed
0% Armor
5% Critical Chance

Minimal Speedup Strike
Revenge Ramage
Strike and Run

50% Resistance to Bleed
Next up is Muttaburrasaurus!

Here are the stats.
Rarity: Epic

4300 Health
1250 Damage
110 Speed
0% Armor
5% Critical Chance

Group Superiority
Greater Stunning Rampage
Lesser Group Heal

100% Resistance to Stun

The last thing I created was the hybrid between these 2. Currently, its name is Alxaburrasaurus, though if y’all find a better name, post it in the comments.

What I was thinking design wise was that it had the Muttaburrasaurus body with the beak of Alxasaurus and feather’s covering its entire body. Also, it becomes more bipedal due to its front legs getting claws and being somewhat smaller than Muttaburrasaurus’ arms are.

Here are its stats.

3900 Health
1250 Damage
122 Speed
0% Armor
5% Critical Chance

Minimal Speedup Strike
Revenge Stunning Rampage
Group Heal
Impact and Run

100% Resistance to Stun
50% Resistance to Bleed, Distraction

Revenge Stunning Rampage: On Revenge, no Delay, 2 turn cooldown
Group Heal: Heal Team for 1.5 damage

Leave your thoughts down below!


Ngl, don’t care much about alaxasaurus, but 2 good hadrosaurids(well, kinda hadrosaurid for one)?Yes please!


Nice! I always did thoroughly enjoy that Pre-2.0 Hadrosaurus.


Thanks. I tried to make Alxasaurus more like Deinocheirus and the old Erlikosaurs. Also hadrosaurs need more power. They could have at least keep stunning on some of them

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we need alxasaurus!!!
but instead with rampage and run and debilitating distraction