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New Danger

This new Superhybrid is the most lethal ever… With a size of 6 metres lenght and 2.7 metres height it´s size is one of it´s many advantages

Dark green skin with lots of Red Feathers

body: similar to the alloraptor but with feather and spines.

preys: everything that moves (excepting fish)

roar sound: Indoraptor

animations: Alloraptor and the lvl 40 indoraptor of jurassic world the game´s super attack (7-8 atacks) in the “supreme bite”

spine color: orange


On Revenge Supreme Bite doesn’t work since it has a Delay even in Revenge mode

¿now its better?

I wonder how did he get those feathers from? As both of the JWA progenitors lack feathers. But still the design looks great

That first turn group 75% rend is pretty op would probs be good for mortem raids

The creators that made the Acrocantoraptor used also dna of Paleontologic accurate velociraptor so there is why the feathers