New Dart Variations?

Pretty much as the title suggests, but I was just darting some dinos while sitting on the toilet and I got on to thinking about 2 new dart variations which I think would be useful?

Vulnerable dart:

What this dart would do would increase the size of the target circle to match the more common rating, for example:

Epic -> Rare

Rare -> Common

Can only be used once in an encounter.

Tranq dart:

Quite simply slows the dino down to it’s previous speed.

I think these would be good thing to implement, because while the dart doesn’t gain any DNA, they’re a gamble to use, because you’re spending time switching darts and firing, but maybe you source more DNA at the end?


If this was implemented, may I suggest that you can switch between the darts, and have a much lower limit for each. Also, maybe have them be the starting dart. That way you don’t have to tap it to switch, but it could take a second for the drone to switch back to DNA collecting darts by itself. Now with both darts, I would recommend them to affect the dino for the entire duration of the darting. However, I like the idea of these darts. They can stay the same with the effects. Also welcome to the Forums!