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New datamine teases amazing St.Patrick's event! 😍


Possibly getting to dart 5 different uniques!


@MNBrian beat you this time :slight_smile:


I am expecting it to be like 1x chance and you have choose which Unique you want to dart.

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That’s on the metahub thread. Sometimes those get buried :wink:


Amazing events for this week. Still can’t get over the shock of 5 uniques!!

Though not making sense for the rare selection!

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We’ve gotten multiple legendary attempts so I don’t see why we wouldn’t have 5 attempts on this one too

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That’s true. I meant you are usually very quick and I have seen you posting (on separate thread) the metahub article even before metahub posts their own on their forum thread :slight_smile:

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There can be exceptions you know … but if its really 5x chances on Uniques then its time to really worry about having a new class of Dinos above Uniques?


Ludia did mention somewhere that there would be one day on St Patty’s which would be the most memorable day in JWA till now!!

So still hoping for the 5x attempts!


Lol. Anyone remember when Ludia took away the premium incubators so that new players wouldn’t progress too fast?

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Haha very true. I was actually out hunting when it got posted so I didn’t catch it when it got posted.


Maybe, but I doubt it. I think they’ll introduce me dinos before making another whole class. The arena will be interesting after this event for sure. People will probably start seeing unique’s at even lower arenas.

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Strike events are also amazing. :grin:


I honestly doubt the poll results, including the previous ones.

Megna is not even included?!??

The first time I doubted the poll result was the Christmas event. Utarinex was not the unique dino of that week. How was that even possible? At that time, everyone wanted Utar.

Now ppl chose Diorajasaur over magna?

Ludia never showed us the actual results of any polls. THEY SAY WHATEVER THEY LIKE.

You know when you run a poll, you are supposed to show ppl the results to make it validate, Ludia?


They look scary. That raptor pack? I’m wondering if we’ll get 5 dinos for that. We don’t even have to beat 4 dinos in the arena.


Raptor pack should go with tanks. Maybe it’s time to lvl Gigaspika.

Scariest is Diloracheirus, Indo and Tryko strike.


I would actually like to see the results. This is just a datamine though. Those have been wrong before so maybe…


I had a feeling Magna wouldn’t be included, regardless of voting results. That’d be too much money lost for Ludia.


If that should be true, I might be able to unlock Erlidom or Tryko! :slight_smile:
Gonna buy VIP for 33% more DNA. :slight_smile:

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Damn! I got adrenaline momentum :smiling_imp: