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New datamine teases amazing St.Patrick's event! 😍

yaaay i’ll be creating tryko and erlidominus!!

Finally can level up erlidom and tryko! But sino is always tempting too… oh the choices!!!

I’m gonna go after tryko. 5x50 (min)=250 i.e. tryko :slight_smile: I’ll go after one instead of going after many.

I‘m sooooo hyped right now, really praying to every god in the universe this will be true and Ludia won‘t fail our hopes!!! :slight_smile:

Holy crap, I hust can‘t imagine 18 epics with Anky and Kentro and Sino plus 5 uniques with Erlidom and Tryko!!! Yeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhh!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I‘ll go all after Anky and some Kentro and fuse as much DNA for Tryko as I can. Then I‘ll decide whether to go after Erlidom or Tryko!
Hell, with some luck I could get my two favourite Uniques!!! Holy moly yess!!!

Just super excited haha!!

So if one had none of these uniques which one would be the best one to do all five shots of and get? Just curious what everyone elses opinion is.

tryko for sure, or maybe erlidom

I’ve lvl 19 erliko so I’d go after erliko to get enough DNA for erildom and tryko as I’m too far to get it by fusion ( not even created ankyntro yet )

Uniques are gona start popping up in the lower arenas thx to this event


Oh c‘mon, give us once in a year the opportunity to get free uniques!! :wink:

Also, I think it‘ll regulate itself. Like always.

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True. But they won’t be able to level them until they have the components for them. 🤷

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this is next week right?

wonder if this is the beginning phase of some sort of anti-spoofing stuff put in the game? obviously rex/sino hybrids are spoofed the most, and we’re getting a lot of it recently, so clearly they will be nerfed soon.

obviously ludia wants to keep big spending spoofers in the game and banning them could drive them away. nerfing those probably wouldn’t and would be like a reset for the game for everyone to play legit if anti-spoofing is in place. with the obvious cash grab selling coins to level them all before they get nerfed :sweat_smile:

would mean we’d all have to say bye to our uniques, but would make everyone play legit, and ludia gets to keep their big spenders in the game (and make more on legit people with maxed teams now too). and honestly some have been in the game since day 1 and maybe shouldn’t be relevant anymore anyways. need some to replace them with though!


Agree @CleverBoy

Also means more players at a higher level so reduction in the waiting time for match-ups :partying_face:

As hard as we’ve slogged for our big boys and as many epic bombs as have been bought… I’m all for this :grinning:

Will mean different teams have to come into play with differing tactics… not just a “my creature is higher-level than yours” punch-up…

That said I rely on the fire-power over tactics so… best get back to the strategic drawing board :sweat_smile:

I’m assuming it will still be 3 wins for a victory but like us they have a team of 4 …


:100: Delta ‘impact and run’ coming at ‘cha

My understanding was the same. We have to defeat 3 dinos only.
But they can swap to the 4th dino like we do.


Ok. Since I got 1k Kentro, I‘ll go 12 after Anky and 6 after Kentro and fuse all I can for Tryko. Then I‘ll dart Erlidom and hopefully unlock her.