New Deer Unique

The more I look at the deer unique, the weaker I think it would be. Here is couple suggestions could at least make it functional.

Plan A:

  1. Give it dig-in instead of superior impact so that it can swap-in, dig-in, superior vulnerability, devastation

  2. impact and run instead of the ‘new’ shield+distraction move because deer runs

  3. Not immune to bleed please because bleeders are even weaker than this deer

Plan B:

Remove some immunities and armor piercing/defense shattering moves


Doesn’t it already have Dig-In?

Don’t think it does. Its both ingredients do have dig in though.

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Ah yes, it has two basic moves, I forgot. That’s what got me confused.

this thing is definitely not gonna be used in this type of meta, most dinos will counter it since they are “immune”

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All deers should be reworked IMO. Instead of tanky they should be fragile but mobile (with And Run moves) and capable of inflicting high damage.

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Most speedsters are like that anyway. I like that the deers are speedster-tanks.


Anyways, they shouldn’t be Immune to Deceleration and they should have normal Shielding Strike (not slowing one) so every turn they would have to choose whether to slow enemy or to shield themselves. Now Deers just spam shield until they can finish the enemy with Impact

Thats so sad that the only epic deer im seeing in the wild is this crappy hybrid :-((

I am ready to start fusing but will hunt some more epic deer before I start fusing for unique


I have found a total of 3 Deer I think. And 2 of them were from scents haha. Dawn/Dusk is the hardest time to hunt right now.

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Wow thats awesome.

@Ned think yall can see where he is hunting so you can point in that direction! Would love to find that many deer.


I was not really expecting this from you. Only top players can spent on scents? And especially when its not locked?

Anyways I really don’t care and no need to justify :slight_smile:

The fact that we have deer in the game at all just makes me :man_facepalming:

And deer is really really easy to dart … I scored 300 many times.

I’m just trying to find the place to find all those. My scents been coming up dry and dawn ends around 7am here. And with lockdowns and stuff, I mean its just really hard to really hunt them. So you must be in a nice place where they are everywhere and was hoping to find out where that is so I could visit sometime.

Odd to be so defensive?


I live in Netherlands, The Hague and here its not like a big lockdown. Plus allowed to work from home and kids school closed. Have time to go out hunting in dawn/dusk + scents + FIP

And as I mentioned he is really easy to dart, 300+ few times I already scored.

Ahh see that makes sense. Deer are also more prevalent in that area I believe.

IIRC That is where Robin Hood took place and there were a lot of people hunting deer in the Sheriff’s woods there.

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Sorry if I came off accusatory.

I don’t want to take the joy from you, that type of things tick me off.


That Answer Is Not Okay Sir :joy:

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