New Device for child account - transfer data

Hello- we got a new device for my child who is playing the game. The device is locked down with Google Family link and I’m not installing Facebook on either the old or new device.

How can his data be transferred to the new device? I can pm his account ID’s and support keys from both devices. Let me know who to pm them to.

Thanks so much!

Hello @Jinglelady,
contact Ludia support, give them the support key of your old and your new installation and ask them to transfer the data from the old account to the new one. Do not confound them!

It could take some days before they answer but they will. The data of your new account will be gone after that.
I’ve done this before and it worked.

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Thanks, @Tommi!

@Jinglelady, our support team’s email if you haven’t already reached out to them:

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