New Dimetrodon Variant?


Just a visual glitch I came across:

Looks like a foil variant or something from a ccg.


Albino Dimetrodon? :joy:



Queue intermission



“A new challenger approaches!”


At the spawn frequency Dimetrodon is at for my area ever since the major overhaul update, I feel like Dimetrodon is a new dino altogether…need so much DNA for the darn thing it is beyond silly. :frowning:


Ah yes, the newly discovered Arctic Dimetrodon.


Guys, dimetridon clearly got a reskin and this is the first dimetridon to have equipped it on its character.


Or this could be a rare glimpse into the reason why some dinos are so rare: Stealth Gear. This Dimetrodon’s equipment just malfunctioned. :grin:


Also an albino posto and conca



My game does the exact same thing occasionally but the dinosaurs are completely black not white.


I think Micheal Jackson wrote a song about that.

“You can be my dino, it don’t matter if you’re black or white”


Super Sayan Dimetrodon!


I just got a black dilo gen 2 and I got an animationless black nunda a few days ago