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New Dino and a Slinky Team

Since I just created Grypolyth, my Gryposuchus was still in the sanctuary as much as I wanted to also have that one on tonight’s team.

This was fun for a couple battles so far. I got out the 4 slinky guys, 3 gator types and the turtle. (Seems I only get the turtle picked against an A.I.)


I actually went up against Sarcorixis with Grypolyth. The sad thing is Sarcorixis has more damage at level 16 than Grypolyth at 21 although Grypo has a counter attack.


They fit diferent roles ,rixis is a full atack dino with insane damage 1 turn and can kick thor a** while grypo is dead meat against thor he is more like a end game dino works pretty well with other counter atack dinoa such as dioraja or thryko,carnotarkus etc