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New dino Arctops

I love it!
the Arctops is now in the game.

Wohoo it looks lovely. :heart: Thanks support team

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It’s been in the game for a few months now

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They might’ve just got it.

It’s exclusive after all, if you had it Pre-2.0, it’s because you bought the incubator, got it from a sanc, or got it during the anniversary week

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Yeah, but it wasn’t exactly a secret in the game

If you didn’t collect the DNA it won’t show on your creatures list, like Haast who is also exclusive that didn’t show for my alt until I “dicovered” it


if you didn’t discover it and no one had it in a sanc it’s just a grey box.
lets let people show excitement for things they just discovered instead of bringing them down with “old news” talk.