New Dino are good. Want to use them in battle but are of low level

I m tired battling same old Dino’s. After new update there are so many good Dino’s that I want to use them in battle but they are all low level. There should be some option that I can demote level and get coins back so that I can level up new Dino’s. Entire battle is filled with same old Dino’s.


everybody (except hardcore players with billion coins and dna saved) is fusing and leveling first, while use same old dinos.

in a few days we should start to see some new dinos appearing in arenas.

For this very reason I’m keeping my 2nd account teams in the mid teens so I can make and play these new creatures. I’m considering arena dropping on my primary account for the variety of creatures I can make and play. I’m sick of playing and fighting the same old dinos in the mid 20’s.

My 2nd account is becoming more and more my primary account as my goal is to have as many different creatures to play as I can get in the range I’m playing.

My goal is to have a huge pool of level 20 creatures and I’m slowly getting there even though I am not PvP’ing with them yet. I’m using the 40 level 14 to 16 creatures I have at this time.

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