New Dino I'd like to See


Got home from work not long ago, and was browsing through Wiki at some of the dinos in the game just to learn a lil more about them, and I came across one I’d love to see in the game.


A small (comparatively) sauropod at roughly 9.5m and 3 metric tons, but also had a club at the end of its tail. It probably wouldn’t be the most awesome non-hybrid in game by far, but it would be an interesting one I think! Vulnerability strike, decelerating impact, long protection for moves…maybe impact as well? It’d likely need to be faster Apatosaurus, but more health than Ankylosaurus. Sort of a balance between the two.

I know it wouldn’t likely earn a spot on anyone’s team outside of the first few arena’s, but it still sounds like it’d be a fun addition to me. And some decent hybrid potential.


It could be some sort of epic sauropod if it’s in the game


It wasn’t exactly a club, like you’d see in ankylosaurs, but it had spikes, like a Stego’s thagomizer. It was a good defense. Lots of smaller sauropods developed different defenses. For a good example, look at Sauropelta, with those Sceleidosaur-like bone scutes covering its back.

Lots of people tend to think of sauropods as huge meat fortresses, but the real story is more often than not a lot more interesting.

Shunosaurus is a dino that I would like to see in-game as well.


For the longest time, the major dinosaur discoveries were in N. America and Europe, but more recently, some of the most interesting finds have been coming from Argentina and China.

Let’s see more Asian and S. American dinos, Ludia!


I would like the saurophaganax which is of the family of the allosaurus but it is bigger


This is a nice idea! It’s always good to have variety


Quick note: saurophagonax (I think) is a North American dinosaur


Saurophaganax may have been a Carcharodontosaur, the same as Torvosaurus and Acrocanthosaurus. They seemed to be pretty sparse in population, as well.

All Carcharodontosaurs came from Allosaurs, so it’s possible that this was a step in Allosaur evolution, trending more towards a bigger, leaner killing machine. In the southern hemisphere, these animals were more successful.


Good catch! It was originally found in Oklahoma and Kansas, as well as remains of Allosaurus and Acrocanthosaurus.

Saurophaganax and Acrocanthosaurus were (to me, at least) rivals of their smaller Allosaur cousins.


Some south American or Chinese dinosaurs and maybe pterosaurs that are a good idea for the game, I think, are:


Thanks, the thing is that I only have heard about saurophagonax in “Planet dinosaur”


Zhuchengtyrannus, Yutyrannus, and Megaraptor (S. American Allosauroid). Maybe even Tyrannotitan, if they can make it look better than in JWtG.


Torvosaurus was actually a megalosaur, one of the very largest. The allosaurus we already have from JW:FK already seems to fit the Holotype of Allosaurus Maximus(a.k.a. Saurophaganax)
More Asian and S. American dinosaurs would definitely be welcome, N. American dinosaurs feel so dominant in so many games. I’d like to see Agustinia, Austroraptor, Mapusaurus, Yangchuanosaurus, Beipiaosaurus, Citipati etc


From some new research, I’ve read that Torvo was probably a Carcharodontosaur. Old data shows that it was somehow related to Megalosaurus, but with more recent findings, that’s being challenged.


Sadly, Megalosaurs are most commonly grouped in what’s called a “watebasket genus”, that is, a genus where new species get thrown in due to the new dinos’ not being fully researched. In the case of Torvosaurus, it got assigned to the megalosauridae, despite the fact that it seems to be the only N. American representative. The only members of this taxonomic group that have been proven without a doubt to belong were found in Europe, S. America, and possibly Asia.

That’s what the new research is trying to prove, since there seems to be more Allosauroid features in Torvo than there are Megalosauroid.


Carcharodontosaurs got big, too. Tyrannotitan was the biggest found so far. For the time being at least, Torvo’s lineage is up in the air.


I’d like to see Therizinosaurus as an epic Dinosaur, a counterpart to Erlikosaurus but with bleeding attack instead of Impact and Run.
There’a also other creature I hope to be added and it’s Mosasaurus. Mosasaurus isn’t a dinosaur, but it was in the Jurassic World movie and the scenes were great! Yes it’s aquatic creature so the spawn of it would be weird, so I think, it should be Area Exclusive.
As for the hybrids… Actually there are some dinosaurs which I think are useless and we have lots of their DNA. For example, Hatzegopteryx, Purussaurus, Stygimoloch gen2. The only way I think they may have any usability is they should get a hybrid.


Therizinosaurus, or any other Segnosaurs would be cool. I can’t wait until they make a hybrid with one that’s more powerful than Deinocheirus.

Epidexipteryx would be cool. Maybe Microraptor and other flying dinos like Archaeopteryx.


Daemonosaurus would be neat to see, as well.images
“Chirping death”


I don’t know, Carcharodontosaurs are pretty well defined. Eocarcharia is the earliest known member of the family. Torvosaurus seems to be pretty closely related to Megalosaurus, the one from Lourinhã seems to be particularly closely related.
Lots of dinosaurs were wastebasketed into megalosaurs but Torvo is pretty legitimately related along with Eustreptospondylus and Afrovenator(both of which would be very cool to get in game)