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New dino idea ( Giganotosaures)

Hello I have created a new dino the gigano tell me what I should improve or remove and if for you it could be in the game

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giganotosaurus is most likely to come when dominion releases
but I like the concept, but it needs a strike with no cooldown like every creature, and that attack seems like a bit much…

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I think the attack might be too high, maybe down to 1800, and it would need a 0 cool down move


yeah that attack scary

Ok thanks you

Like it! However all creatures in this game currently have basic attacks/moves that have no Cooldown or delay. Possibly swap piercing impact for piercing strike.

Ok i change the gigano


I *changed the gigano

Bring on the Giga!!!

Attack is still too high, it didn’t have nearly the bite force of a Rex. I also think decel resistance and a 40% crit equal a hated OP dino. I know this is probably a favorite of yours but you need to weaken up and more than a little

its giganotosaurus not giganotosaures

it should have cleansing shattering trike

for the attack someone told me to set it to 1800 for you how much should it be?

I am here lol. I am hyped for my appearance lol. It’s my favorite dino

Allosaurus Gen 2 has pretty much the same stats except it’s just 100 HP less so you just have to drop the HP to 4400 and it’ll be fine.


for me the giag deserves to be an epic it is the most powerful of the dinosaurs as soon as one of these dinosaurs sees it they fled so he deserves more than being a rare one. Also personally I’m not a big fan of the ferocious strike

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  • For me the giga
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*For me the giga deserves to be an epic

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There are many epics such as the T-Rex, Allo gen 2, Acro and others!
Of rare strong carnivores there is only Gorgosaurus and T-Rex gen 2!