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New dino idea ( Giganotosaures)

yes I agree but still the most powerful dino in rare!

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You understood what my intention was! :grin:

Ok I re modifying the giga tell me what you think😁


I say it’s good enough!

Thanks to you

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And for the hybrid I saw something different friends I have some


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Although I don’t go by it here my name in games is giga. So I am hyped to see it not only in JWA but in Dominion!!

My ingame name is the same as my forum name

If you click on my form name. You will see what I go by every were else

GIGAKING vs Apex_Giganotosaurus, who would win. The king of the gigas or the ultimate giga who has evolved to become the ultimate apex predator

I knight the… :grin:


What are you saying lol

Ok I understood, You meant to say “I Knight thee right” @GIGAKING . Sike Apex_Giga bows to no one, jk. We are friends. BTW did you get my Godzilla vs Kong reference

No need to request Giga. He will certainly be added after JW3 launches. You just have to wait

Haha. Yes. I suck at spelling

lol (10 characters)

hahaha a hybrid from jurassic world the game which is a herbivore now its a carnivore

Attack are too high! Lord Mortem is the one with highest attack(2000)! So just stop make every too OP