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New Dino Ideas

Some new ideas for new Dino’s
The Stats may be a bit to overpowerd or too weak, I’m only level 16,don’t bully me.

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Because all of them are either way too strong (Ichthyovenator) or they don’t follow the Class system.

I can cook up some more balanced versions.

In terms of actuality, however, it’s simply because Ludia hasn’t done it yet. They might in a future update.


Also please no more uniques that aren’t superhybrids. But I agree with Sauro on this. Most would dominate the tournament or need a class switch.


I just noticed how overpowered these creatures are! I changing the stats on all the creatures to have more accurate stats

i love youre ideas, In my other computer i have maybe like 120 new dinos, but that would be too much, as well i would like a carno GEN 2 and a Icthiovenator unique hybrid

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Hello. This my first dino with toolbox!


Is it good?

First, it needs a strike. I myself would give it cunning strike for Distracting Impact. RR and LI are fine. Emergency Aid sucks. 30% Chance to give everyone 75% damage really kills the move right there. Plus the heal is so small it’s barely worth it. It also comes out of nowhere. I would change this to where it heals everyone for 1x, then buffs everyone by 50% for 2 turns, 4 attacks. It’s a decent idea, just with the way it is, it would kill this move. Also maybe cooldown of 2. Armor and speed could be increased, speed to ~121 and armor to 20%. It is part Ankylosaur.

Got it. Changing.

Here’s the new version.

download (6)