New dino is coming


Wow!! Flying Dino!!

The dactyls are coming

*flying reptiles please, they are not dino


This is going to completely ruin the game in my opinion


yeeeh thats i’m talking about


They could be flying anything, but not flying “dinosaur”.:sweat_smile:


“Ladies and gentlemen… please welcome… A Flock of Seagulls!!!” (New Wave synth, wild cheering)

So “Death by pecking” is the future meta, I take it?


How do flying dino ruin this game?!


Correction . Flying reptiles.
Too hurry :rofl:


Think about it… all these new flying creatures are going to spawn instead of what we already have and everything we have worked so hard to get will be even harder to find !!


What they’re adding is flying reptiles, not flying dinos, which would be totally different.

When you call pterosaurs that, do you realize how much you sound like you just pulled that from a really old children’s book?

Pterosaurs could fly. Pterosaurs lived alongside the dinos. Pterosaurs were not dinosaurs. Ever.


Sorry Dr Grant …


Dont know about you, but I rather have more dino varieties than having the same ones forever


Wasn’t replying to you, but it’s okay, I’ll let it slide just this once. LOL


There’s really no need to be that mean. Not everyone knows everything about the real life versions of their game counterparts. Doesn’t mean we can’t all enjoy the game. Correct someone by all means but how can you speak down to someone like that and not feel disgusted by yourself?


Quite easily. It’s sometimes quite cathartic.


I also like the picture too! AIRBORNE dinos making an appearance with their shadows is just an awsome way to introduce them


You’re not helping me defend you here :joy::joy:


I’m on autopilot today. And this sort of thing is a pet peeve of mine.




Ok fine huge beautiful flying REPTILESZEH!! Happy?