New Dino Series Debut Soon!

Seven days ago Apple announced that they would be making a docu-series built around dinosaurs. This is very exciting stuff as, from viewing trailer, it seems to be some of the highest quality footage not from the JW franchise ever!

The trailer is giving off some very WWD 1999 vibes from the sun which is a great nod to the original classic of these types of series’. The show also is coming out only around 3 weeks before Dominion (May 24th), so for dino loving fans here the end of May through June will be awesome!

Here is the trailer link. There is a gap in the program between 30s - 45s if you would like to skip that part. Nevertheless please tell me your thoughts and excitement for this new dino installation.


I’m am so excited for Prehistoric Planet
The dinosaurs look so good
Also they got David Attenborough!!! I guess you could say that they “spared no expense”
And they have beautiful feathers
Personally I love feathered dinosaurs and that plesiosaur and T. rex look so good
The designs are all around amazing
I think this is going to be the next Walking With Dinosaurs
I feel that dinosaur enthusiasts should support this series so we get more dinosaur documentaries; it’s been so long since we had a proper dinosaur documentary
Hopefully there is a new wave of documentaries from this series
The only problem I have is that this series takes place only in the late Cretaceous
I want to see some Triassic and Jurassic fauna but I guess that’s not going to happen
Also I’d love to see an episode focusing on the Kem Kem beds with a beautiful modern spino and my favorite dinosaur the Carcharodontosaurus but I don’t think that’s going to happen either
Maybe in season 2?

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@MINMI I think that these designs might be even better than the JP/JW ones but that might be just me because I love modern accurate dinosaurs with feathers, lips, no shrink wrapping, quills, no elephant feet, no pronated wrists, etc.


I agree with all you said. With great new technology in the most recent decade making CGI technology even more life like combined with the plethora of new paleontological findings they have great potential to do many seasons of this.

One thing I’m moderately skeptical of however is that weird sauropod with sacs coming out of its neck.

It seems that not everything is going to be 100% scientifically accurate in this show. Not something bad, I do like when creativity is implanted into shows, they make them more unique and memorable.

I think that they were taking a cue from modern birds
I mean sauropods did have air sacs in their neck and they are saurischians so it’s not too far fetched
I think it’s an interesting bit of speculation
Plus no more giant ornithocheirus, toxic Rex bite, raptor hand signals, 25 meter Liopleurodons, infrared hadrosaurs, 273-foot spino, or second brain sauropods


I too hope other seasons will feature different time periods. But overall I’m happy they’re also showing dinosaurs like qianzhousaurus. Perhaps we might get some megaraptoroids or abelisauroids


T-Rex swimming, more nightmare fuel. :cold_sweat:


Please add some of the species. We still need pachyrhinosaurus

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Like in the JP novel

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Which one? I do not remember this. Must re-read.

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It’s a good crew, with David Attenborough and John Favreau there I bet this will be amazing.
The designs are beautiful, accurate to the most details (we have lips!!!) and even taking some speculatuve liberties (like the sauropod with air sacks on its neck).
It also looks like it wants to appeal to nostalgia, with the WWD intro and overall WWD feeling that the T-Rex 2-minute-preview gave us.
Extremely excited for this, about time we got a very promising dino doc.


Perhaps a homage to the JP novel rex river chase

Beat me to saying it ! I like seeing all the references in this trailer. Of course, Mosasaurus lived in the lagoons where Trex lived, it could make for some wonderful battle scenes between the two.

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Yeah that’s what I thought

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In fairness to the air sacs it’s not as if dinosaurs having display structures of any kind is something new or that we didn’t know about beforehand.

Hadrosaurs and Ceratopsians had them after all, and we know for a fact that some species of theropods had displays, and of course many birds have them as well, so it’s not beyond the realm of possibility for some species of sauropods possessing display structures.

It may even be possible we actually have direct evidence of it with Amargasaurus, though for the time being that’s debatable.