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New Dino stats and pics

Can everyone post pics of the new dinos move sets or any dinos that have been Buffed / Nerfed such as Diorajasaur, Petrovexus etc.

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Does this mean you have a 90% chance to take off 75% of the opponents hp with one move?
Edit: I just saw you have it a L15 after one day! Ha you must have been busy.

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This should be in 2 moves, not 1 move.
You have to Prowl in turn 1, then Rending Takedown in turn 2, otherwise you don’t have the +50% Crirical Chance.

I haven’t battled Leo. I’ll try it on some towers. Mostly today is hunting it.


Yeah I hear what your saying but, on turn 2 that single move can do 75% damage?

God that Marsupilami is so ugly imo. :joy:

How you got it? I want one!

Got it from the daily battle incubator

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