New Dino Tracker Website!

So Universal has just released a new website that has to do with the new movie that lets us see the current dinosaur sightings around the world! I don’t have the proper link to it, so I was hoping that someone could link it here so everyone can access it.


I’m watching theGamingBeavers vid of that rn

Is it this one?

Don’t flag me for this mods


Yes it is.

The funniest of them all is the front facing Pteranodon. Someone has to make that a meme.


Pterano- BOOP -don

Official meme bois

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The Dino sightings look very real, especially the Carnotaur in Chile.

I checked it out last night my buddy sent it to me. It’s pretty legit for real. It reminds me of the site they had when they made JW or maybe it was FK. It was legit though and lots of canon info.