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New Dino?

The app laging and show this metriacanthosaurus gen 2! New update coming?



I don’t remember who, but someone else also posted a screenshot of this. I’d once again like to point out the infinity symbol over the time bar. Could potentially be a new tutorial dino.


Just had the same thing happen today image


I was using an epic scent capsule when a Spinosaurus Gen 2 appeared. Upon clicking on it and loading the dart drone page, things froze. Suddenly, it went back to the map, but things weren’t particularly normal. I was stunned to come across this…


This is a dinosaur name that I’m familiar with, seeing that this dinosaur made its appearance in Jurassic World Evolution. Could this be leaked information of the next update to come? Share your thoughts below.


I was darting a dino on my really bad phone and it glitch out and revealed a dino as Metriochantosaurus gen 2Screenshot_20190309-170932_JW%20Alive

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What if this “Metriachantosaurus Gen2” is like a foreshadowing of a Dino with some sort of future camouflage ability :man_shrugging:t2:

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Funniest part is, its not even spelled right.

Its supposed to be metriacanthosaurus

Yay metriacanthosaurus coming

Very strange glitch here.Screenshot_20190317-112950_JW%20Alive

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Hey, yeah that‘s an already known bug. Appeared a few times to some players; not to me tho. :sweat_smile:

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Lol, why would they make it gen 2 tho? :sweat_smile:

When we didn’t even know there was a gen 1 :man_shrugging:t4: :joy:

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Metriacanthosaurus maybe? But its spelled wrong and its a gen 2… hmmmmmmm. Dart it and see what u get lol

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Wouldn’t let me dart it…