New dinos, aquatic creatures and Biomes

I am user Volcano Blue from Jurassic World Alive, and I want to have Angel and Rebel (Spinoceratops) and Firecracker (Brachio) as an Epic Flock creature, Piers the Kentrosaurus as a seperate Rare creature, and B.R.A.D.s and B.R.A.D. Xs as Epic Flock creatures please. Also, maybe the JWA crew can add Biomes, like the Isla Nublar biome, the Desert Biome, the Arctic Biome and the Swamp Biome to the map. There is a button you can use to switch Biomes, spawning different creatures with each different biome. Also, somebody said something about Aquatic creatures, and I think you should add fishing devices, which are like scents, but they only attract aquatic creatures, not dinos and cenozoic creatures. Please add all of these! :slight_smile:

Happy Hunting,

Kylerin Quintus.

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No. They’re robot dog bots that shoot lasers and have no place in a dinosaur game. Maybe in the show, sure, but definitely not here.

These would be better fit as arenas for PvP instead of on the map.

I’d prefer if there was just a separate map for Aquatics instead.


There could be something like stunning dinos instead, like that sleeping powder.

I don’t think the robots should be a thing unless as an April fools


But since they already have all those in battle mode…

Agreed. I think the robots should be a think but not temporary something like a joke that exists…

That’s probably the only way the BRADs could possibly be implemented. Not as creatures you could use, but as joke bosses for April Fool’s. They aren’t dinosaurs or prehistoric creatures. They are robot dogs.