New dinos coming

Just thinking to change the game, what could be the hybrid skills and will change JWA forever?. The biggest change would be to take away passive immunity. The ability to slow/ stun or even bleed though immunity would be a huge game changer. It would definitely nullify Monomimus, and possibly Indiminus as you could bleed though the cloak even if you miss.

They do that and I file a lawsuit with iTunes and Amex and get back the 500 I spent on the game recently and so would 500,000 more and the game will get pulled and goodbye JWA! Removing immunity will help the babies that can’t figure out how to play and come here whining and complaining that dinosaurs need to be nerfed!

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why would they remove immunity lol

do you get frequent filer miles on these flights of fancy you take, rolybert?

I’m pretty sure this game does not have 500000 players ;-). But you are right about taking away what you paid for. That is just not right…unfortunately this is what Ludia constantly do with all the past ans future nerfs.

hmm the ability to gain strengths like immunity etc… if you say defeat your first dino.

not like it has 5 million downloads. that’s only 10% of the people who ever installed it.

The total downloads means nothing because it does not count uninstalls. I have checked total players through the samsung game launcher tool: total active players decreased from 164000 in July to 60000 in November. If you include IOS, then in woyld probably be x2 at best: so total of 120000 players at best. Pokemon go has millions of players and clash royale even more tha pokemon.

Not saying remove immunity, I am saying have creatures with the ability to remove immunity, or bleed through immunity, or slow through immunity etc.