New dinos critical bugs in the battle and the dino's sound bug


please fix this 2 bugs. 1st, in the battle, most of the dino’s sound was missing( exmaple: raptors ,erlikosaurus and more other dinos also missing) . 2nd, The new dinos and the new hybrid got critical damage bug, example: they can deal 900 damage to enemy, but when they critical, still deal 900 damage to enemy only, no any damage increased.


I’ve had the sound issue before, but after closing out of the app and restarting my phone, it works like normal. It’d be something to try…

As far as the critical hit bug, does it happen against certain opponents? What creatures were affected? It’s possible that creatures with Shields or Armor reduce the severity of critical hits, by their very nature.


i said the sound is the dino’s sound, not the game music and sound. During the battle, the dinos stand there was no more sound come out from them( roar sound or foot step sound was missing after the big new update), but the attack animation sound still got and the music still got .The critical damage bug is like this, example : your dino can deal 1000 damage to enemy, then the critical damage sure will be 1500 damage ( to no armor enemy), but this bug make the new dinos and new hybrid just do the actual damage 1000 damage only, no any increase for the critical. Even to the armored enemy also same, 1000 damage to got 30% armor enemy, then the damage to enemy is 700 damage, but when it critical still do 700 damage to enemy, no increase any damage.


Yes, I understood what you were talking about regarding the sound bug in your first post. Force-closing the app or restarting your phone are just suggestions to fix the problem–that’s how I’ve fixed it in the past. But it’s just a suggestion–obviously you can do whatever you want.

Based on a quick skim of other threads on the forum, it seems like Ludia is aware that the new creatures (post-update 1.3) aren’t dealing out critical hits properly. That being said, it wouldn’t hurt to send in a support ticket with your findings. Be sure to include as much information as possible; it might take 7-10+ days for them to get back to you based on the number of support tickets that they process on a weekly basis.

Hopefully both problems will be resolved in a upcoming patch or in the next update.