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**New dinosaur and hybrid ideas**

  1. Crylophosaurus mixed with Dryosaurus, making Drylophosaurus, a Dryosaurus with a Crylophosaurus carnivorous head, crest included.

  2. Shantungosaurus mixed with Ichthyovenator, making Shanthovenator, a Shantungosaurus with Ichthyovenator weird sail and long, crocodile jaws.

  1. Protoceratops mixed with Herrasaurus, making Herroceratops, a Herrasaurus with Protoceratops frill and beak. It’ll be like the Pachyrhino hybrid.

  2. Styracosaurus mixed with Minimi, making Styracominimi, a Minimi with Styracosaurus frill and horn.

  3. Psittacosaurus mixed with Siamosaurus, making Psiamosaurus, a Psittacosaurus with Siamosaurus long jaws and sail.

  1. Camarasaurus mixed with Gigantspinosaurus, making Camarntspinosaurus, a Camarasaurus with Gigantspinosaurus plates and spikes.

  2. Dromaeosaurus mixed with Ourannosaurus, making Dromaeorannosaurus, a Dromaeosarus with Ourannosaurus sail and possibly head.

  3. Oxalaia mixed with Titanosaurus, making Titanoxalaia, a Titanosaurus with Oxalaia sail and long jaws, and possibly have it on two legs, like a Plateosaurus.

  1. Gen 2 Utahraptor mixed with Gen 2 Carnotaurus, making Gen 2 Carnoraptor.

  2. Gen 2 Stegosaurus mixed with Gen 2 Diplodocus, making Stegodocus, a Diplodocus with Stegosaurus plates and spiked tail. This is the same as Ankyloducus but as a Stegosaurus version.

  3. Scelidosaurus mixed with Plateosaurus, making Platelidosaurus, a Plateosaurus with Scelidosaurus looks.

  4. Gen 2 Giganotosaurus mixed with Ourannosaurus, making Ourannotosaurus, a Giganotosaurus with Ourannosaurus beak and sail.