**New dinosaur and hybrid ideas**

  1. Crylophosaurus mixed with Dryosaurus, making Drylophosaurus, a Dryosaurus with a Crylophosaurus carnivorous head, crest included.

  2. Shantungosaurus mixed with Ichthyovenator, making Shanthovenator, a Shantungosaurus with Ichthyovenator weird sail and long, crocodile jaws.

  1. Protoceratops mixed with Herrasaurus, making Herroceratops, a Herrasaurus with Protoceratops frill and beak. It’ll be like the Pachyrhino hybrid.

  2. Styracosaurus mixed with Minimi, making Styracominimi, a Minimi with Styracosaurus frill and horn.

  3. Psittacosaurus mixed with Siamosaurus, making Psiamosaurus, a Psittacosaurus with Siamosaurus long jaws and sail.

  1. Camarasaurus mixed with Gigantspinosaurus, making Camarntspinosaurus, a Camarasaurus with Gigantspinosaurus plates and spikes.

  2. Dromaeosaurus mixed with Ourannosaurus, making Dromaeorannosaurus, a Dromaeosarus with Ourannosaurus sail and possibly head.

  3. Oxalaia mixed with Titanosaurus, making Titanoxalaia, a Titanosaurus with Oxalaia sail and long jaws, and possibly have it on two legs, like a Plateosaurus.

  1. Gen 2 Utahraptor mixed with Gen 2 Carnotaurus, making Gen 2 Carnoraptor.

  2. Gen 2 Stegosaurus mixed with Gen 2 Diplodocus, making Stegodocus, a Diplodocus with Stegosaurus plates and spiked tail. This is the same as Ankyloducus but as a Stegosaurus version.

  3. Scelidosaurus mixed with Plateosaurus, making Platelidosaurus, a Plateosaurus with Scelidosaurus looks.

  4. Gen 2 Giganotosaurus mixed with Ourannosaurus, making Ourannotosaurus, a Giganotosaurus with Ourannosaurus beak and sail.

  1. Gen 2 Carnoraptor mixed with Tyrannosaurus Rex Super DNA, making Carnosaurus rex, a Carntaurus that looked more Indomimus.

  2. Shonisaurus mixed with Miragaia, making Miragisaurus, a Shonisaurus with Miragaia plates and spikes.

  3. Stupendemys mixed with Ambulocetus, making Ambulemyocetus, an Ambulocetus with Stupendemys shell.

  4. Basilosaurus mixed with Atopodentatus, making Atopodentcetus, a Basilosaurus with Atopodentatus disturbing face.

  5. Gen 2 Megalodon mixed with Livyatan, making Megatan, a Megalodon with more sperm whale looks, and possibly ocra colors.

  6. Platybelodon mixed with Gomphothere, making Gomphelodon, a Platybelodon with four tusk from the Gomphothere.

  7. Trilobite mixed with Anomalocaris, making Anomalobite, a Anomalocaris with more of a Trilobite looks.

Actually Atopodentantus had a hammer face

Didn’t know.
And thank you for being the first to reply, it’s been lonely.

  1. Purrusaurus mixed with Pentaceratops, making Puraceratops, a Pentaceratops with Purrusaurus long snout, but keeping the beak, crocodilian looks, and becoming amphibian.
    This one has been used a couple of times, but these are just two new dinosaur they can add, and having a hybrid.
  1. Castoroides (Giant Beaver) mixed with Dromornithidae, making Castodromornothides, a Castoroides with a Dromornithidae duck bill and possibly feathers. Also, if possible, make the beaver taller from the Dromornithidae long legs.

  2. Stegouros (Saw-Tail) mixed with Yinlong, making Stegolong or Yinouros, a Yinlong with Stegouros saw-tail and possible armor.

  3. Stethacanthus mixed with Parahelicoprion, making Paracanthoprion, a Parahelicoprion with Stethacanthus strange hump.

  1. Microceratops mixed with Mauisaurus, making a Microsaurus, a Mauisaurus with Microceratops head and possibly quills, if came with quills.

  2. Compy mixed with Diplocaulus Gen 2, making Diplosognathus, a Compy (or group of Compy’s) that has Diplocaulus heads.

  3. Avicranium mixed with Erythrosuchus, making Avicranosuchus, an Erythrosuchus with Avicranium beakish face.

  4. Quinkana mixed with Sauropelta, making Saurkana, a Quinkana with Sauropelta spikes and armour.

  5. Batrachopus mixed with Saurolophus, making Saurosuchus (because Batrachopus is the two legged crocodile), a Batrachopus with Saurolophus crest and possibly duck-bill.

  1. Gen 3 Tyrannosaurus Rex mixed with Gen 3 Spinosaurus, making Spinosaurus Rex, a Tyrannosaurus Rex with Spinosaurus sail, long arms, and long jaws.
  2. Gen 3 Velicoraptor mixed with Gen 3 Spinosaurus, making Gen 2 Spinoraptor, like the other Spinoraptor but shows more Spinosaurus. A Velicoraptor with Spinosaurus sail and long arms, NO FEATHERS.
  3. Spinosaurus Rex mixed with Deinonchyus Super DNA, making Spinoraptor Rex, a Spinosaurus Rex with feathers and possibly smaller.
  4. Gen 2 Spinoraptor mixed with Tyrannosaurus Rex Super DNA, making Spinoraptor Rex, an Indomimus with longer jaws and a sail.

Ankylophus (Bumpy + (and before you say I know that Ludia will never bring in the characters from the Land Before Time into JWTG and/or JWA but this could be for a hypothetical collab because it is another Universal property that does Dinosaurs) Ducky)
Decided to give Bumpy a hybrid and like I know that Ludia will never bring in Land Before Time characters into any of the Jurassic World games that they have.

But they could bring in more hadrosauridaes, like Shantungosaurus, and mix it with Bumpy but overall I don’t think Bumpy will get a hybrid for it being a character and truly nothing more.

  1. Gen 2 Carnotaurus mixed with Gen 2 Deinonychus, making Gen 2 Carnoraptor, a Deinonychus, no feathers, with Carnotaurus horns, spikes, and possibly little arms.
  2. Gen 2 Carnoraptor mixed with Tyrannosaurus Rex Super DNA, making Indomtaurus.
    Now the problem is LUDIA will most likely repeat the Alive Indontaurus which is like the Indoraptor, but with the ‘M’ and instead of ‘N’ like in Indontaurus, I changed it to Indomtaurus, so the name hints more like Indomimus Rex.

Allo mix with stgo

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I really like that idea,. But I would like to know if your making it like an Allosaurus with Stegosaurus plates and spiked tail or a Stegosaurus with Allosaurus looks.

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Allo with stgo spikes and plats and and amrd she wold be 10’000hp and 4000attck

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If they do mix Allosaurus with Stegosaurus, I hope they also mix Tyrannosaurus Rex with Triceratops, which would be a T-Rex with Triceratops frill and horns.

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Yes be awesome wat it stats

I don’t really know stats very well. I only pay attention to how it’ll look.

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