New dinosaur and hybrid ideas


I am here to add some suggestions, (obviously). My first suggestion is add more than one hybrid for dinosaurs that have hybrids. For example, Tyrannosaurus Rex is specifically Fusable with Velociraptor to create Indominus Rex, maybe add another dinosaur that can be fused with T-Rex to create another hybrid, I think the idea of having multiple hybrid options for one dinosaur is a great idea. My second suggestion is some of the dinosaurs that I would like to see in the game, dinosaurs such as: Cryolophosaurus, Deinonychus and Hesperonychus. My Third suggestion is Maybe add a cenozoic hybrid for Titanoboa and/or an Aquatic hybrid for Megalodon. Possibly Megalodon and Plesiosaur hybrid. Or a Cenozoic and/or Aquatic hybrid that isn’t hard to obtain for beginners to the game, sort of like Alangasaurus ( hope I spelled that right).

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I think we need a super hybrid for alangasaurus, so that the beginners can have a super hybrid to have fun with. I also think that soon, once you have alot of super hybrids you can make mega hybrids wich involve using super hybrids and mega DNA. In the mega DNA, there are normal dinosaurs. I was also thinking that once you have enough aquatic hybrids and cenizoic hybrids that you can make super hybrids out of those.


You should also make a hybrid out of concavenator. I was also thinking you can add gigantopithicus, deinosuchus, megalania, arthoplura, rugops, ornithomimus, styracosaurus, oviraptor, gryposuchus, compsognathus, sordes, longisquama, chasmatosaurus, and tanystropheus.

I agree with one creature should have more than one hybrid, bec that means hope for alloraptor for me :smiley:

Purusaurus all way :metal:

I would love you to add Xenoceratops and more amphibians and pterosaurs along with more strong amphibian hybrids and more pterosaur hybrids because you focus too much on carnivores. Also, add more VIP dinosaurs, and if you’ll add a new dinosaur, can you also place it in another rarity, it’s so boring if you’ll always place new dinosaurs as a limited edition dinosaur. I have ideas for other dinosaurs like Megapnosaurus, Neovenator, Albadraco, Xericeps, Purrusaurus, Deinosuchus, Ceratosuchus, Vectidraco, Pterodactylus, Edaphosaurus, Scutosaurus, Moschops, Ornithomimus, Struthiomimus, Betasuchus, Vallibonaventrix, Cruxioceirus, Titanosaurus, Hadrosaurus, Titanoceratops, Parotosuchus, Araripesuchus, Anatosuchus, Simosuchus, Baurusuchus and Mahajangasuchus.

I see that there is only one snow hybrid (the Smithetoceras) compared with the Cavern and Savannah that have at least two of them, so I think that it’s time for a new snow creature, maybe fusing the ARCTODUS with the UINTATHERIUM or the ANDREWSARCHUS

I don’t see a reason for multiple dinos to have multiple hybrids. This game is not like JWA as you lose your lvl 40 when you fuse in JWTG

I think as soon as edmontosaurus gets added we will have edmontoguanodon