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New dinosaur cash use

I’ve been saving cash since I started playing a few months ago, my plan this far has been to wait until they release the next movie with my favorite dinosaur giganotosaurs and see if I have enough to get a “new dinosaur package” when they release him on JP alive as well.

Being strapped for coins, it’s now looking very tempting to scoop up a bunch of those in Exchange for cash so I can level and keep ranking up in arenas.

Big question(s) is: how much are new dinosaur packages? Are they always the same? Do they always net the same amount of DNA? Any info from you more experienced players is very appreciated!

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It depends on the rarity of the creature and what type of creature it is but sometimes you have to pay real money for the creature incubators and other incubators you might have to pay hard cash in game at around 5000ish for legendaries or just a legendary creature and I think 7000ish for unique creatures and I think that’s about it for getting creatures in incubators on JWA I hope that helps and I wish you good luck with trying to get new creatures in JWA. :grin:

I don’t think there are any non hybrid legendaries that I’m aware of so I assume at most giganotosaurus will be priced similarly to epic incubators, thank you, I won’t blow my money just yet then!

Para lux is a legendary and not a hybrid. Dunno if that’s the only one or not

there is only one legendary non-hybrid, which is para lux

This question comes up from new alliance members from time to time and as leader, I always give them the same advice: Don’t spend hard cash on anything but boost tokens.

My Justification:
When you compare boost tokens to hard cash and you calculate the time it takes to get boost tokens, you realize that they are the best value for the time investment.

You can get thousands of coins every day for free. You get 7500 coins from the Special Event (green) drops and 15,000 from the normal (orange) supply drops. Add this to the rewards for doing the strike towers, suitcases, alliance rewards, tournament rewards, and so on… and you can make hundreds of thousands in coins per week.

When you compare this to the amount of hard cash you can collect in a week, you realize that the hard cash is much harder to come by than coins… so you shouldn’t buy coins with hard cash.

Incubators give you a pittance of rewards for the actual hard cash you spend. Most of the DNA is relatively useless common DNA and you don’t get much of the best DNA. Think about it… 10,000 hard cash for a “Premium” incubator gets you 927 epic dna and 1544 rare dna plus 35,000 coins. You could get all of that in a single day with an epic scent and a rare scent as you walk, bike, or ride around darting and fusing. (Plus, fusing levels up your account.)

How many days would it take you to collect 10,000 hard cash? That would be about 20 weeks. Enough said.

Try to do scents as often as you get them. I don’t buy scents with hard cash, but I know others that do this. I’d rather spend my 1000 hard cash on 50 boost tokens than on a single epic scent that MIGHT get me some of the epic dna I want… but it is a gamble. Maybe you feel lucky.

If you are rich and want to spend tens of thousands to buy virtual dinosaurs, then go right ahead. There are lots of whales in Nublar Shores that bought their success. But, that doesn’t come cheap. You could get just as far with some time investment and smart hard cash management.

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