New dinosaur family. Prosauropods

One of the most underrepresented but actually very awesome groups that should be added are the prosauruspods. Here are some members that i think deserve to be added. All prosauruspods should have resistance against stunn and deceleration

Commons :
4200 health
1200 attack
123 speed
Superior strike
Nullifying impact

4300 health
1200 attack
124 speed
Superior vulnerability strike
Precise impact

Rares :
4500 health
1300 attack
124 speed
Superior vulnerability strike
Decelerating impact
Superior rampage

4600 health
1300 attack
123 speed
Shielded strike
Nullifying rampage
Rampage and run

Epics :
4800 health
1400 attack
124 speee
Group superior strike
Nullifying rampage
Decelerating impact

5000 health
1400 attack
123 speed
Minimal speed up strike
Shield advantage
Decelerating rampage

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Prosauropoda group
High Hp, not as much as sauropods, 4300-5000
High damage compared to sauropods,1200-1400
low speed: 123-124
no armor
high crit chance: 25%-35%

Possible Moveset:
Speedup move / Superiority strike
Decel rampage
Any group decelerating move
nullifieng counter

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Ok sounds more possible

So resilient/cunning-resilients?

My suggestion of Base Prosaurapoda:

Class: Wildcard
Health: 3900-4350
Damage: 1100-1400
No armor
Critical: 5%-10%
Types of Abilities: Cleanse, Nullification, Heal
Resistances: Distraction, Deceleration, Rend/DoT

Example Prosauropod:

Class: Wildcard
Health: 3900
Damage: 1350
Speed: 123
Critical: 10%
Abilities: Cleansing Strike, Emergency Heal, Tip The Scales
Resistances: 50% Distraction, 50% Deceleration, 100% Rend

Where’s the fierce? Maybe change tip the scales for a defense shattering move or even wound/ferocity

Oh. It’s wildcard not fierce :smiley:

ok new version

same stats

Speed-up move
superiority move(not vulner)/ Group decel rampage
Tip the scales (but without cooldown )
null counter

I meant Where’s the fierce bit of the Wildcard?