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New dinosaur super hybrid!

I think a zalmonodon+tyrannosaurus super hybrid would be cool if it was added.


Very OP…


I like the idea. It would be like the Alanqasaurus design right?

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I made some stats for it. I don’t think it would be OP. Currently, Indo is the Glass Cannon, and the Gen 2 is a meat shield. This would be a bit more balanced.
BTW, I only made level 10,20,30, and 40. I have work tomorrow and need sleep. I can make all 1-40 tomorrow if yall want me to. Also only doing attack and health.

At level 10
6042 Health
2364 Attack

At level 20
8692 Health
3175 Attack

At level 30
10056 Health
3914 Attack

At level 40
12226 Health
4691 Attack

The balanced mix of stats of the Legendary Super Hybrids.


That’s great stats! Thanks!

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And if you would like you can make stats 1-40


I think the name should be zalmonorex
Here are the evelutions


Personally I would rather it be a pterosaur than a carnivore. We have enough carnivores. We need more pterosaurs, amphibians, and herbivores.


A superhybrid I would like to see is Ardentismaxima, before anyone says we can’t because we don’t have Ardontosaurus, we just need to take a different road to get there. Fuse Brachiosaurus and Secodontosaurus to make Brachodontosaurus, then fuse Brachodontosaurus with Argentinosaurus
S-DNA. As for it’s stats, I believe it should have around the highest health in the game (maybe higher than Pachygalosaurus?)

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I would like thor in the game. :slightly_smiling_face:


I like the cool idea
Not the thor but the zalmonorex

Stop putting your suggestions on my topic!!!:rage:

I mean, this wasn’t too specific on what it is. This is just a creature from another game he likes to play, and just suggested it here

Ok that is fine

Oh yeah thanks again for the stats

No problem. Any time. I myself create a lot of hybrids, so this was a nice change of pace.

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Yes It was nice of you
Some people want it to be a pterosaur, but I am
sticking to the alangasaurus design of yours

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I just like it. Most people don’t. I find it funny to see, but its a powerhouse for what it is. And just a funny derp of a dinosaur.

Ok. In my opinion I like the alangasaurus design more.

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Same here. Its like a spinosaur and a tyrannosaur snout fused together.