New Dinosaur Types


I’d like to see a new tree of dinosaur types built around the idea of Compsognathus from lost world. This wouldn’t be just one dinosaur, but actually a little pack of three when it comes time to battle. These three little green guys would count as one creature, but would look like three animated dinosaurs skittering around with each other. They would have three attacks:

  • Ankle bite: .75x damage. Slows opponent and cannot swap

  • Scatter: 90% chance to dodge next attack and immediate counter.

  • Swarm: 1x Damage. Remove positive effects and make vulnerable for three turns.

The resources for the models in animation could be reused on other similar species; Coelophysis Mononykus, and Eoraptor


This sounds really cool!


Ankle bite… it’s a dinosaur game not snow white and the 7 dwarfs :joy::joy:

Nah I’m all seriousness, sounds good


I was like here he is again being mean until I finished reading that :sweat_smile:


Interesting idea. Maybe a DoT attack for an epic version of them as well?

Poison and Run


Ooh nice idea! Could throw Microraptor and Troodon in there, too ^^ (Would be even cooler if Troodon was influenced by the one depicted in Jurassic World: The Game, because /those/ guys were hella creepy!)


I had a similar thought though I picture it as 5 lil boogers. Low stats but a passive dodge and I also like the poison DoT concept.


i feel like this would be like having a cat in the game. they are like 10 lb dinos right?


Like cats, a lot of cats :rofl:

Mate, you can outrun a tiger if you’re lucky, swarm of angry cats I don’t think so :grin:

Oh, don’t mind me, but unless someone lives in US or UK, people might have no clue what “lb” stands for lol :joy: