New Dinosaur?


I noticed that a new dinosaur was added to the game. Earlier today the 100 dinosaurs changed into 101 dinosaurs.

Does antone know wich dinosaur just got added?


I think it might be the Indoraptor, which is why the ‘this week’s showcase’ incubator is now back on sale as it should be rewarding correctly.


That wouldn’t make sens tho, cuz blue is also new?


Blue was available a couple of days ago, with special incubator? Or did i got that wrong?

It could be the Indoraptor, but i had hoped that the indoraptor was already in the list. And that there maybe was a new hybrid?


Both were available in the incubator as far as I know, some people didn’t receive the indoraptor though


I remember reading people seeing a blank DNA card when opening the incubators earlier in the week and they thought it should have been the Indoraptor at the end of the incubator.

People had correctly been receiving Blue in the incubators though so I do think there was a bug and Indoraptor hadn’t been correctly added to the game.

It is now though because if you check your velociraptor you can see its hybrid Indoraptor appear on its profile (it wasn’t showing earlier in the week).


Yes, i see it now. Think you are correct. Did not saw it this morning. So that should be it then.