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New dinosaurs and creatures

Ludia you should add new dinosaurs and creatures like troodon zalmoxes arocanthosaurus supersaurus woolly mammoth pachyrhinosaurus metriacanthosaurus yuttyrannus ceratosaurus acanthostega ostafrikosaurus eryops segnosaurus antarctopelta shunosaurus unaysaurus proterogyrinus prionosuchus ichthyostega microposaurus these are all the dinosaurs you should add


If you Google search the dinosaurs from Jurassic World the Game, I think you’ll see those added to JWA over the next few years before anything else.

I see no love for Triassic creatures like Coelophysis. Please add it into a game. It’s my favourite dinosaur


Yes MR.amabassador that’s where I got them from I went to Jurassic World the game written them in a piece of paper then written them again in this topic

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Herrerasaurus for the win!! Give the Trassic creatures some love!!


Yeah. Glad someone feels that way. We need good old Coelophysis

I don’t mean any offense but I got these creatures names from Jurassic world the game

I don’t mean any offense I got these names from Jurassic World the game

What do you mean by that? Why would I take any offence. I was just stating that Ludia need to show more love to the Triassic era, you did nothing wrong


But MR.Ambassad

I wasn’t complaining. I am in agreement with you.

I know what you mean if they make dinosaur game they have to have dinosaurs from all three times Triassic Jurassic cretataceous periods

So Mr.ambassador dinosaurs from Jurassic world the game will be added to JW alive in a couple of years

I don’t think that there is a single Triassic creature in this game

I don’t have that information. I’m just hopeful like yourself.

I wish you did.
I’m afraid that I will never see a Coelophysis

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Actually 2 creatures.
Postosuchus & Numdasuchus.

Not any Triassic dinosaur in JWA though.


Ok, but still, they aren’t dinosaurus

Okay MR.Ambassador

You don’t need to call me that. Colin will do. :slight_smile: