New dinosaurs concepts ! [must see]


Hi guys, a few persons of the community made created some dinosaurs concepts. It’s very beautiful and maybe you could also give your opinions on this so that maybe Ludia can see this and watch the ideas.

There is especially one good idea, it would be a dinosaur ABOVE THE UNIQUE ONES, called “Ultimate dinosaur”. It will basically means that this would be the hardest dinosaurs to create. What u think ? Tell us :slight_smile:




Thanks for reading and thanks if u comment.


Cool art/graphics!!

All are good but Megarex looks best badass!!


yea ahah he looks very awesome and i think that a concept of dinosaurs above unique ones could be a great final target


These pictures are amazing; I’d love to see more! Utahsinosuchus is my favorite. I also really like the idea of a tier above unique.


Megatyranus is just a picture of rexy.


Yeah, you can praise for everything but those dino pics…
That’s only copy & paste for extant dino illustration.

For example, “Utahsinosuchus” is Pachyrhinosaurus from walking with dinosaur.


oh damn i didn’t know, thanks for sharing


Another case, this is just a “feathered” V-raptor.


Just curious, the uniques are double barrel names, the legendary are triple barrel. Have they been mixed up?


Utahsinosuchus looks like a real dino, Pachyrhinosaurus.


Did you read what tarbosaurus said?


Because that is a Pachyrhinosaurus.:rofl:
Only the name of hybrids are designed.

Here’s original pic.


And Dimetrodon from ARK


Koolasuchus secondo and carno hybrids would be top of the list for me!

Nice work though!


Cool art! I like all of them! I hope that Ludia will release one or few of them :slight_smile:


ahah thanks for all the shares xD Funny to see some dinosaurs come from ark XDDDDD


lol ! I like the MEGATYRANUS but… do you know what is an ANUS in french ?.. In French we can heard Méga Tir Anus… Please find an other name ! :slight_smile: