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New Dinosaurs for early 2019


We seriously need new dinosaurs adding.


New Dinosaurs for Jurassic World Alive

Can u post a picture for each one please?


Acrocanthosaurus - acrocanthosaurus

Therizinosaurus -

Carcharodontosaurus -

Giganotosaurus -

Diabloceratops -

Herrerasaurus -

Metricanthosaurus -

Tapejara -

Microraptor -

Troodon -

Mapusaurus - Mapusaurus

Albertosaurus -


Really a microraptor? Attack at level 26 is 100, health is 100

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Wut if it has 75% bleed tho?


Lol but how?? Its physically impossible for something so small to attack lets say a Rex? Unless reality is completely ignored then sure?


Thank you soo much for posting those, I am sure it took you some time. Having a visual on these wonderful names make a big difference. I would love to see them in game also as it would mix things up.

As for the micro raptor you could have a team of 100 and the dino would have to kill them all to win haha


A real velo was the size of a chicken. Im not disagreeing but reality is already tenuous in the JP universe


The reason I chose Microraptor is because it’s unlike most of it’s time.

The moves it could have is:

Invasive = Dodge attacks (Actually was good at in in reality)
Bleed = It could actually attack with claws and beak (Though only bugs, but still)
Long Invisability = Study suggest that the colour patterning was that of woodland so hard to see.

Those moves alone would make it a winner against many dinosaurs in JW Alive. In the game they have gallimimus, if your talking reality then how would that win anything? There is a huge difference between JW and Reality i hate to say. It even states it in the film.

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I mean, it’s not that Diplocaulus could go toe to toe with a T.Rex or Allosaurus.

Hell, from a scientific point of view, Spinosaurus and Suchomimus would 95% of the time lose to any big predators like Allosaurus and the likes, because they have weak bite force, small jaw gaping (thin jaws with not spectacular opening angle), conical teeth (no cutting edge on it, basically oversized needles) and their jaw has very low-tolerance towards lateral torsion, so they actually could break their jaw biting on anything bigger than 1.5-2 tons and the prey trying to shake out of the grasp.

That, and because theropod arm anatomy, other than Ornithomimosaurids and Therizinosaurids don’t allow wide and precise arm articulation, they can’t use their claws against anything that is equal heigth or taller than them… Which isn’t particularly hard when both these dinosaurs have relatively short legs.

So yeah… Realism already is non-existent, so why Microraptor… Why not?


I really love the dinosaurs in Jurassic World Alive, but some dinosaurs that are missing in the game and some that have not been put into the franchise, that I really want to see in the mobile game.


  1. Pachycephalosaurus
  2. Oviraptor
  3. Protoceratops
  4. Achelousaurus
  5. Yanchanosaurus


  1. Styracosaurus
  2. Tovrosaurus
  3. Kosmoceratops
  4. Therizinosaurus
  5. Carcharodontosaurus


  1. Saurophaganax
  2. Giganotosaurus
  3. Ceratosaurus
  4. Acrocanthosaurus
  5. Gorgonops


  1. Spinotyrannus (Hybrid of Tyrannosaurus Rex and Spinosaurus Level 15)
  2. Alangasaurus (Hybrid of Majungasaurus and Alangasaurus Level 15)
  3. Giganocephalus (Hybrid of Giganotosaurus and Eulphocephulas Level 15)
  4. Altosaurus (Hybrid of Allosaurus and Ceratosaurus Level 15)
  5. Ankylodocus (Hybrid of Diplodocus and Ankylosaurus Level 15)
  6. Carnonator (Hybrid of Carnotaurus and Concavenator Level 15)strong text

Pachy is coming out monday @Kyle_Naversen