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New dinosaurs hybrid idea

What about super rare hybrids rajasaurus+parasaurolophus=rajasaurolophus

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I rather see new actual Dinos we already got many hybird dinos they also should change Dilo roars


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@dinoragequitter a rajasaurus+ parasaur hybrid won’t be added to the game both Dino’s both already have hybrids and they haven’t had one Dino have one Dino have two hybrids unless your referencing superhybrids

I totally agree, the only way rajasarolophus could exist is as a legendary Super hybrid fusing with parasarolophus DNA, and that could may have a brilliant design

Totally agree a Rajastega fused with parasurolphus dna or a parasaura with rajasaurus dna would look awesome

How about concavenator and Tyrannotitan and call it concavatitan

How about we just introduce dinosaurs that aren’t even in the game yet? For example,brachiosaurus and isn’t in the game and also deinonychus isn’t in the game either so we could tell ludia to introduce both said dinosaurs and see if we could make a hybrid out of them even though it probably won’t be the best of ideas as that 'd be a strange hybrid to make


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