New dinosaurs/hybrids that should be added

My boi mudkipz has thought of a really cool idea for a dinosaur A indominus rex generation 2 fused with carnotourus but since the carnotourus already has max hybrids i was thinking that you could add toro the carnotourus from camp cretaceous and use that

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Indot: Am I a joke to you?
I mean we already have this in game with Indom Gen 2 and Carnotaurus. So we dont need it.


This is literally already in game.


We don’t need a taurus gen 2.

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But that is already in the game and I have it on my team


This is a joke right? Indominus gen 2 and carnotorus have a hybrid, it’s called indotarus, you mentioned that car I has 3 hybrids you should have noticed inditaurus being one of them. Also it was in a poll and everyone raged about its rig when it came out. I honestly don’t see how you could miss it. Oh and it was in a tourney that gave a lot of players their first unique.