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New Dinosaurs! Pachy, Maisa, Show Me What They Look Like!


Sorry for the long title, I just really want to see some of the new dinos/hybrids.
I haven’t caught any new dinos, but I did get the Edmonto hybrid and the ornitho hybrid!
Show me the pics and stats!

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I’ve been searching everywhere! Incubators, Sidewalks, everywhere!
Have you guys been lucky enough to catch them?


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Just posted them but they’ve been flagged for some reason…


That’s odd.
What are their stats?


Says its getting reviewed… posted picture of the stats too.


How did you get them? What zone?


There, that’s Maiasaura

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Maiasaura is a park exclusive. Caught 3 the first night 1.6 dropped… Have seen 1 wild Darwin in parks all of 1.5.

Pachy I think is incubator exclusive right now. Have gotten it from 8hrs and the daily battle incubator.



Pictures keep getting flagged for some stupid reason. Thats stats for Maia L15 and L12 Pachy stats.

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Maia is park, scappy is zone 1 anytime, pachy is exclsuive


Wait, is it an arena exclusive?


Thanks guys!