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New Dinosaurs to add to Jurassic World Alive!

I like to have Acrocanthosaurus and Carcharodontosaurus in Jurassic World Alive!!!


Herd of Compys

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Cool!! :slight_smile:

Definitely must add Brachiosaurus in this game.:sauropod:

Most impressive dino from the beginning until the end.:sauropod:


Styracosaurus has been a long time favourite. I’d like that added.


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Herd of Compys, and get rid of Dracorex, from it’s single known fossil skull, it’s likely not even a distinct species, but a juvenile Pachycephalo.

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I’m still eagerly awaiting Lisaurus. :blush:

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Sorry that I did not say anything in my last text. I had to be on hold for a little bit because they needed to inspect my account or something like that. Any way what I want to be added is… the Siamosaurus!!!556px-800px-Siamosaurus

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Hey there if u ever look down at the four months later section with Ryan_Davey that has the text and the really big image that is me who liked ur text. Anyway I like Acrocanthosaurs as well so I liked it and bookmarked it so yeah that was all I wanted to say. P.S I hope that we get the attention of Ludia so that they can actually think about maybe adding these dinosaurs.

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