New Dinsaur Species


This is a topic for introducing our own new species that we create and present. I hope eventually for a couple of my own creatures to make it into the game living and breathing creatures capable of unique attacks sounds, and movements as well as behavior, each creature will have its own abilities, and interesting traits that are present in the animal kingdom weather its now or 365 million years ago.


I have a group of creatures, and some belong in families due to their “evolution” from the original animal to the newest model. This is the presentation of the family I call, the Zaroxies.

I present to you the first of the family to arrive, Zaroksaphoris


This animal is designed to use extreme stealth to hunt, its height is approximately 4.5 feet tall and is roughly 8-10 feet long, its DNA is similar to that of glassfish, allowing this animal to turn its skin, muscle and origins transparent, the only thing visible left is its bones which are naturally covered in a matalic like substance making them reflective to their surroundings like a mirror adding camouflage from litteraly every angle.
This renders the creature nearly invisible. It’s primary arteries are also lined with many different Bioluminescent bacteria, but this bacteria only is activated via certain hormones in the animals blood, this activates certain colored cells glowing different colors according to how the animal feels.

It’s top sprinting speed is around 28 MPH and can jump about 10 feet straight up from a stand still.
It has 4 large teeth that are mounted into the skull and the rest are housed by gums.
This is a lean mean killing machine. And I think it deserves a place in the game, as a leathal compeditor and the first of its family.


Member 2 of the Zaroxies Family AKA - Zaroksalumos

This name segests that the creatures are related, and they are. This is the 2nd family member of the Zaroxies family. It lacks the ability to disappear using the manipulation of its skins transparent nature, that it’s nearest cousin Zaroksaphoris has.
But Zaroksalumos exchanged its cousins invisibility for a set of wings, hollow bones and a lighter skeleton structure over all, this makes it more stalky but allows it to be an excellent aerial acrobat, flying at top speeds of over 80 MPH, and top dive speed of 140 MPH, it stands at around 4.5 feet tall, with a 9 foot wingspan, and from nose to tail is about 12 feet long.

It hunts smaller prey items such as Fox, Rabbit, Snake, Fish, Birds and when it can near cliffs it can kill goats, and big cats by throwing the animals off balance and letting it fall down the sheer cliffs of which Zaroksalumos lives comfortably. It is capable of surviving in dense woods, wooded mountains and sheer rockfaces.

One thing it kept from its camouflaging cousin though, is its bioluminescent blood, of which also runs to small pads filled with these bacteria, this helps it be seen at night when flying or walking around, it helps with matting seasons an drew displays, its skin is relatively thin so the veins close to the surface also light up easily showing a truly magnificent but nightmarish appearance. This works in territorial threat displays to others of its kind or evolutionary developed family, but it also works in hunting some animals that are prone to being put into cardiac arrest if scared, this display is that of nightmares lighting up the entire outer vein system and eyes and teeth, this causes some creatures to have heart attacks and die, but for other more aggressive or curious animals this works as a more than fair warning to get out of its territory, it will remain unseen until it wants you to see it, then it lights up, striking fear, suprize, and instincts dedicated to the flight response rather the fight.

This animal I see smart and when mates, like all others of its Evolutionary family, they mate for life. This is a fast addition to the family.