New draft bug

I logged into the game and i noticed that there is no timer that shows me when will i get my free basic draft token,then i clicked on draft and k found this:

it shows that i have one premium token but in fact i don’t.and it shows me these same dragons even when i click on the basic draft,they appear in all drafts. what should i do now ?

The drafts became normal again,but i think i will get this bug again,because i had it two days ago and it dissappeared.i hope it will be fixed soon.

Thanks for reporting this to us, @itami. I’m not really sure why that would happen but if it does again, either try leaving the Draft menu and re-enter or restart your game and see if that fixes it.

Our team would be happy to investigate this further as well if you reach out to them here at with your support key.

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I tried leaving the draft menu and the game as well and reloged but didnt change.anyway,thanks for the help!

Why do you have to use 5000 runes, mine says only 4000.