New Draft mechanic suggest

What do you think about the developer should add: Each ??? Dragon draft from premium draft, the next draft will be guaranteed 5 star dragon.


I totaly agree :slight_smile: cause I think they made 4k purchace nonsence, more and more players quit because they cannot get 5* dragon


Great idea!

They should at least revise the number of guaranteed dragons from the 4k draft. Right now, you get one guaranteed 4*. Most of the time, it’s one 4* and ten 3*. Maybe it should be one 5* and two 4*.


I totally agree with your suggestion!:+1::+1:

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I’ll share the suggestion with our team. :slight_smile:


Ridiculous suggestions. It’s random and a gamble. You flip a coin and it’s 50/50. You’re not guaranteed heads after a certain number of flips. That’s the point.

When you do a draft for 10+1 you have something like 43% chance of getting a 5*. That’s not good enough?

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Most player are complain about the chance getting 5* is really low. Mostly 10 3* and 1 4*.They can put any certain number : 50,100?

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Play trust events if you want guaranteed 5 stars - the dragons are mostly very good and by paying for runes to restart and for energy you‘ll definitely get them.
The draft is luck just as breeding, no one asks for a guaranteed good outcome by speeding the breedery, that would be ridiculous - even though you paid for this runes as well.

The problem isn’t just the odds of getting a 5* dragon. You also have to take into account that not all 5* dragons are equal. Some are better than others. Some are fantastic and some are terrible.

The other factor is the real money value of a draft. 4000 runes comes to $40 US. That’s a lot of money to spend for a chance at just one copy of a 5* dragon.

My recommendation is that the drafts have at least one 5* star guaranteed. That really isn’t too much to ask. It really sucks to spend 4000 runes and not get a 5* dragon.

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This is a joke to all the hardcore Vikings who actually put the time into fast breeding and drafts. Do not agree with guaranteed 5* so the newbs can go toe to toe with the real Vikings. Get good

Long live hardcore vikings! No guaranteed 5*, period. Whiney safe spacers.

Long live clan madara