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New Dragon For Brawl

There is no new dragons in brawl for almost a year now ( version 1.45.7 is from November of 2019) . Many people wants new dragons added to brawl! Maybe even new buff or debuffs.

New dragon thoughts:

  • Windshear (Rest of the rider have their dragon in brawl except heather and Gobber)

[Swift Deal damage to opponent 2.Deal damage to all rival dragon 3. Deal damage to a rival dragon/ increase attack strength of all swift dragon (2 turn 30%)

  • Grump (Rest of the rider have their dragon in brawl except heather and Gobber)

[Protector 1.Deals damage to a rival dragon 2.Restores health of all ally dragon/ increase defense of this dragon for 2 turn, 25% 3.Deal damage to all rival dragon]

  • Krogan’s Singetail (A lot of people purchased it with the fall fest seasonal currency, it will be an excellent addition to brawl.)

[Furious 1. Deal damage to all rival dragon 2.Deal damage to a rival dragon/ increases attack strength of this dragon (2 turn,25%) 3.Deal damage to a rival dragon]

  • Retired Windstriker (It’s description was “trained to be a champion: a windstriker” The story behind is seem to be that it used to be a champion but it retired. Even though it is retire (retire mean it should not in brawl), It will be cool if this “Retired” Champion can go back to brawl.

[Swift 1.Deal damage to a rival dragon damage to a rival dragon speed up all ally dragon (2 turn,25%) 3. Deal damage to all rival dragons/ restore health to all ally dragons.

  • More Champion Dragons needed (Maybe allow 2 possible champion per arena, so you will not have to wait so much trophies to collect the next champion), personally i think they will make excellenct champion:
  1. Champion Singetail (Mostly used by the Dragon Flyer, proven to be a quite tough dragon)
  2. Champion armorwing (This champion could be design that it have many golden trophies and medals attached to it and could be a reward in arena 7+)
  3. Champion razorwhip (Gain popularity because of “Windshear” and the wing maidens. It will be cool if a razorwhip were champion with new color designs)
  4. Champion Dramillion (The parrot of the dragon world, maybe its third move it copy the ability of the last special used. That will be intresting attack.)
  5. Champion Deathgripper (Fearsome dragon for grimsel the grisy. Would be a fine addition to champion.

Those are my personal opinion, comment below for the dragons you want to add to brawl and their attack.


I want Windshear to fight in brawl. At least in the series, she made a lot of battles with Heather together with her brother, Dagur. Sleuther is already in brawl, so why not include Windshear too.


Yep, it is so long since they updateds new dragons. I think they check forum once in a while, if we can make this really popular, they might add more dragons to brawl.

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Your dream came true!!! Windshear now in Arena!


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